It started in high school. Taking off our clothes, that is. As soon as we got home. We hadn’t even been dating for that long. A few weeks. A month at most. Yet, there we were. Well, at least one of us was.

Do we have your attention?

Let’s continue then.

It was the middle of a weekday one afternoon. We can’t remember if Jordan’s parents were home. They might’ve been. Maybe not. Anyways, for seniors, like us, school ended around noon and we were home not long after that. Jordan drove in his white Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, the one he shared with his almost Irish twin younger brother. We say “almost” because they’re actually thirteen months apart. One month shy of the legal definition. And, also, nothing about them looks Irish.

Amy looked up. And couldn’t believe her eyes.

Back to the story.

So there we were, high school Amy and Jordan. We drove together (just the two of us) in that gray leather-seated eight cylinder horse of a vehicle with more power than any teenager should posses — and Jordan wasn’t even any teenager. He’s an old soul in every way. And sticking to speed limits is no exception. In fact, he likes it. To this day, he still holds a perfect driving record. No tickets. No accidents. Just a smug look on his face when he reminds Amy that she doesn’t (she got in ONE fender bender in college). We made the less than one mile journey north from our high school

to Jordan’s corner house on a three-home street. One of the few in the neighborhood with a small patch of grass (yes, grass!) in the front yard and two palm trees that greeted you at the door of the off-white stucco structure that is nearly every Arizona dwelling. It’s like red brick (or anything that’s not stucco) isn’t allowed here. Sigh. One day — ONE DAY! — we’ll build the first desert home with white columns and siding that’ll give The South a run for it’s money. One day. Until then, we’re rockin’ adobe and pretending to like it.

As we opened the front door, we heard scratching coming from within the house. And whimpering. It was Tito, Jordan’s white and brown-spotted, two-pound chihuahua. Did we mention his name was Tito? Not potty trained, lived in the white-tiled back hallway when no one was home. Did you catch that? No one was home. We let Tito out from behind the toddler gate that separated him… from the carpet. Side note: Parents, are we wrong, or are those things like (legal) cages for kids? And we’re not even judging. We were elementary school teachers once. We. Get. It. While Amy rubbed Tito’s belly and watched him run in circles of excitement. Like dogs do. Our cats don’t. Jordan went into his bedroom, closed the door…

And took off his clothes.

Minutes later, he walked out.

Amy looked up.

And couldn’t believe her eyes.


He was wearing…


Sweats! Sweat pants — and a t-shirt! But it’s the middle of the day… she thought. And he’s wearing pajamas! In her family, that’d never happened before. At least not until the weekends. And only when you’d just woken up or were getting ready for bed. The clothes you wore out and about were the ones you kept on. All. Day. Long. Not at Jordan’s house. His routine, for as long as he could remember, was a simple one: as soon as he got home, he took off his “out of the house” clothes and switched into something much more comfortable. Why wear anything that’s not? he reasoned. When no one can see you. 

In Amy’s house, everything was proper. You got dressed for the day, regardless of what was on the calendar. Whether you were going out or staying in. And when you were in, you were still wearing your nice “out of the house” clothes until it was time to change into pajamas for bed.

Ever since Jordan first questioned WHY Amy didn’t just change into sweats once she was in for the day, Amy’s life has never been the same. We’re talking a whole-new-world, ride-a-flying-carpet-and-sing-a-song-that-rhymes kind of game changer at age eighteen. It’s a tradition that’s carried through our entire relationship. Whenever we get home, as long as we’ll be there for more than, say, an hour, we trade fashion for comfort and bask in the goodness that is stretchy waist-bands and over-sized t-shirts.

She’s never looked back, neither will you, and that, friends, is the story of how Jordan convinced Amy to take off her clothes as soon as she gets home.

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    Denise Karis

    Wth. I thought that was gonna be like 50 shades of AJ. #disappointed. Jk Super cute ;) Amy joined the right side!

    Amy & Jordan

    Denise. This wins for comment of the year. Haha!

    Joanna Moss

    We have the exact same routine at home; it was me who started it though. ;)

    Amy & Jordan

    Haha! It's so much better than wearing "work clothes" all day!

    Theresa Lucas

    Hahaha! Sooo cute! Thanks for joining the dark side Amy!! Muahahaha! Lol! I'm a homeschooling business momma and we enjoy PJ days over here!=) Love you guys!

    Amy & Jordan

    Yesss!!! Pajamas are the official uniform of people who work from home :)

    Ashley Durham

    Bahaha! Yes well, that routine is cemented in at our house, too!! The minute we're through the front door, heels off and slippers on!

    Amy & Jordan

    Haha! Glad we're not alone! Amy rocks slippers, too!


    I used to do that and then i got super depressed because I wasnt trying enough and my appearance started affecting(effecting?) my personality. I'm so jealous you guys can do it I miss the comfort but am glad I'm back to being happy again! Lol but my weekends off are definitely fillded with lots of comfy clothes and my weekdays ate files with less comfy but still reasonable out of the house clothes whether I'm in our it :)

    Amy & Jordan

    We can totally relate to that, actually! If we spend too many days at home in a row without showering (let's be honest!) and getting ready, it DEFINITELY affects our productivity at work and how we feel, too. In fact, we'd probably be MORE productive if we took the weekends only approach!

    Ashley Yantes

    Samesies! This is the very first thing I do when I get home! Take off my clothes and jewelry! Comfort before fashion every day! xo

    Amy & Jordan

    Every day! Haha!