Dear Amy,

It’s been six years since that sunny June day.

2,190 days since you put on a white dress.

52,560 hours since I wore an oversized rental tux.

3,153,600 minutes since we stood up in front of our family and friends and said “I do.”

But it’s really like we’ve been married longer than that, haven’t we?

Because almost since the start, I’ve felt married to you in my heart. And you’ve been married to me in yours.

Since that first date when we cuddled on the cool grass and talked from the late night until the wee morning hours. We’d always been perfectionists, scared to get into trouble, to come home past curfew, until we found each other; but how wrong could it be, we reasoned, when it felt so right… and still does.

Since our senior prom when we danced like Danny and Sandy, without inhibitions, without hesitations, without a care in the world, but with all the love this world contains in it.

Since the night we graduated, when I looked out to our classmates and said on the podium that, “You’ve taken me from the here to the clouds, and the clouds to the stars.” People thought it was lofty at best and risky at worst. I know the best things in life are.

Since I left for college. I’ll never forget that painful morning, that painful mourning, when we realized how much we hated goodbye and committed that all we really wanted out of life was to bear witness to each other’s life. When we declared that we had one goal in this life: to maximize the amount of time we spent together on this earth.

Since then.

Since that minute. Since every moment. I’ve been married to you in my heart and you’ve been married to me in yours.

So, my love, let’s celebrate today. Let’s celebrate something that happened six years ago that made official what we’ve always been and always will be: faithfully, fiercely devoted to each other.

Friendship set ablaze. Friendship set on fire.

I’d end this with, “With all my heart,” but you already have it.

You always have.

– Jordan

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    Oh my. You two are the CUTEST!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!! Thanks, friend!! You're sweet to say that :)