We remember it well. All too well, in fact. The soggy sandwiches. The coffee that’d gone cold. A smell of post-recess sweat, a stack of ungraded math tests, and an inbox full of parent emails. Oh, we remember, friends.

We remember.

Because it hurt.

It hurt because we were working a day job while we watched others live out their dream. We sat behind a desk while we watched others jet set. We watched them go to workshops while we did parent-teachers conferences. And we started to believe the lie that success is for the chosen few. That there’d never be enough room for two more photographers in Phoenix or even two more teachers on a national stage. We caught ourselves believing that our career and life had a ceiling and others’ was a limitless sky.

We caught ourselves in a lie.

Until we found people who believed… in us.

We found mentors and and teachers, workshops and speakers, friends and people we barely knew who’d been there, were doing that, and wanted to help others do it, too. They were giving. They were generous. And they made us believe that success wasn’t just for the chosen few. It was for those who choose.

So, we put a plan into place. We read books. Lots of them. We asked for wisdom and counsel and guidance. We scrapped and fought to pursue our dream. We cried. We did everything in our power to love as many people as we worked as hard as we could, refused to accept we were powerless, and always stayed mindful that we couldn’t do anything on our power alone.

And, two years later, here we are: celebrating two full years of being full-time wedding photographers. It’s been two years since our last soggy sandwich. Two years since our last recess break. Two years since we graded our last math test. Two years since we turned off the classroom lights for the last time. And two years since we stopped being afraid to fly.

And those workshops we used to sit in? We host them.

Those mid-week conferences we thought we’d never be able to attend? We speak at them.

Those brides we once thought would never book with us? We have the pleasure and privilege of serving them.

And we don’t share that because we think we’re awesome, because KNOW we really ain’t that great. God is.

We just want to be an encouragement to you, friend, especially if you feel like we felt. If you don’t think you’ll ever be able to do what you know in your heart you were meant to do. Or if you’ve believed the lie that we did that there’s not another seat at the table for you.

We promise there is.

Because success isn’t for the chosen few. It’s for those who choose. And if two elementary school teachers with a dream can turn it into a reality with a lot of heart and a lot of hustle, we know you can too. So whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever voice in your head is holding you back, give that doubt a high five… with a chair… in the face… and get after it right now!

We’re cheering you on. This life is not for the chosen few. We’re living proof that anything can happen.

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    Emma Arevalo

    I bought my camera last August and been taking photos of my grandchildren since them and doing some family portraits and learning as I go. I love you guys style and this how I envision to master my photos. I am gaining so much from your course and blogs. Thank you,

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw! Thanks so much, Emma! That's so awesome! Keep up the hard work and have fun! We're cheering for you! :)


    Thank you! I accidentally came across your post and it is just the encouragement and push I needed. You guys are very inspiring again thank you.

    Amy & Jordan

    Awesome, Izabela! We're so happy the post encouraged you to keep going! We're cheering for you!! <3