We think it’s about time we make a confession.  And it might send some serious shockwaves through the Internet… Are you sitting down?

We haven’t eaten one single scoop of Blue Bell ice cream in months.

How could that be? you might be asking yourself. These are the people that get tagged on Facebook every time Blue Bell ice cream goes on sale at the local grocery stores, and the same people that got a flurry of concerned emails and text messages when Blue Bell made the news for a national recall. We are the Blue Bell people! We will always love Blue Bell, but it might’ve been permanently replaced by our newest obsession: cookie butter cookies.

Cookie butter_0001

Yes, you read right. Cookie butter cookies! There is really no way to describe them except that they are like little pieces of heaven. The first time we tried a jar of cookie butter from Trader Joe’s, we thought it couldn’t get any better. How could they pack so much tasty goodness into one little jar? But when one of our best friends (and current #ajbride!) Melissa, introduced us to cookie butter cookies, we became full-fledged addicts!

Cookie butter_0003

So naturally, loving ice cream the way we do, it wasn’t long before Jordan suggested combining our two favorite desserts into one super delicious creation.

And from that day forward, cookie butter cookie ice cream has become A THING in the Demos house! Cookie butter cookie ice cream. Say that three times fast!

We always use Kirkland Premium Vanilla (from Costco) and mix in full cookie butter cookies (from Trader Joe’s) then enjoy in a waffle or sugar cone (which we obviously have stocked in our pantry at all times). Ice cream just tastes better in a cone! Here’s how we do it:

Scoop two scoops of Kirkland Premium Vanilla from Coscto

Cookie butter_0005

Cookie butter_0007


Use the scooper to hollow out a little crater in each scoop an place one cookie in each crater

Cookie butter_0008

Use the scooper to smash the cookie butter cookies into tiny morsels of goodness

Cookie butter_0009

Fold the ice cream with the scooper and shape onto the cone… and wa-la! The best at-home dessert of all time! We’ve since realized you can actually purchase cookie butter ice cream directly from Trader Joe’s, but we think there’s just something about making it yourself that makes it tastes so much better! Look at all those little morsels of sugary goodness! Mmmmm….the best way to start the weekend! Happy Friday, friends!

Cookie butter_0011

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    Sara O'Hara

    Can I request that these make an appearance in July during our mentoring sesh?! I'm over here drooling!

    Amy & Jordan

    Haha! Um... YES! Most definitely! Can't wait to see you!

    Julie Wilmes

    BRUH. #thisishappeningsoon

    Amy & Jordan

    We also just found out that Costco has crepes now, so we're totally trying cookie butter crepes soon! #yum

    Cinnamon Wolfe

    the cat is finally out of the bag!! I've been a cookie butter fan since Seattle but sadly there is no TJ's anywhere near me now. But in a few months that will change. So yeah, this will be happening. Miss you guys!

    Amy & Jordan

    Cinnamon! It's the BEST! Seriously. We eat it straight from the jar.