Wow. Yesterday was a really big day. Like really big. Yesterday was the day that we finally got to unveil the new brand. Our new website. Our new blog. And all I can think about are the moments that led us to this place. Our sleepless nights and early morning Starbucks runs. The endless conversations that started with “what about…” or “this one, or this one?”

All the tiny little decisions we made that, alone, seem small, but together, are so powerful.

And, really, that’s a lot like our whole life, isn’t it? Just a series of tiny decisions. A smile in the hall before geometry class. A plan to share a slushie at Sonic after that Friday night football game. A study date before finals. Decisions that might seem small, but looking back, have built us over a decade of memories. And that is powerful.

We’ve been pushing ourselves to the brink lately, and even when everything seems to go wrong, you see the good. We’ve never been busier than we are right now, and we’ve never been more physically exhausted. But we’ve also never been so fulfilled. Tired eyes, but full hearts. That’s our life right now. And you know what? I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We’re living a life that those two teenagers who shared a slushy at Sonic never saw coming. lt’s a season of our life where the world seems to be moving faster than we ever imagined, but today, on your birthday, I just wanted to slow down long enough to be able to stop and thank you.

Thank you for knowing exactly when it’s time for a Starbucks run, and when it’s time for prayer. Thank you for knowing the perfect cookie-butter-to-ice-cream-ratio and how to make me laugh. Thank you for diffusing stress with a dance in our living room. Thank you for always stepping into the leadership role, even when it’s hard. Thank you for putting others first. Always. I love that you leave hand-written notes of encouragement to the servers on our checks at restaurants with extra tip money. I love how you stay at our workshops until midnight, even when we’re exhausted, because you want to make sure every question is answered. “There are too many people who need help for us not to push ourselves to the limits,” you always tell me. I love your heart for others. Thank you for being a man I am proud of. We’ve been celebrating birthdays together for over a decade, and I can say confidently, that I love you now more than ever.

Happy birthday, my love.


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    Migdy Renella

    I love reading your posts and the letters you write to each other!!! Everything about you guys is so CUTE and perfect ???? May God continue to bless your marriage. Happy birthday Jordan. I'm a huge fan of you guys.

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw! Thank you SO much Migdy! You're too sweet! p.s. Great name! So fun and original :)

    James Sapphire

    What a lovely birthday message to Jordan. Happy birthday from Kerrie & myself all the way from London UK :-)


    Laura Hernandez

    You guys are so beautiful together! You are so genuine, so true, so yourself in everything you do. In a life where people can feel left behind, you lift them up. When people feel defeated, you encourage. When people are lost, you guide them. That's what you've done for us, and we could never thank you enough. Love you guys and Happy Birthday Jordan!


    Happy birthday Jordan! You guys are awesome and I'm honored to have learned from you!!