Happy Friday, friends!

If you’re new to Friday Fun, click here to read the first one before you get started! And if you’re already familiar with Friday Fun, welcome back! Here’s a recap of some of our favorite moments from the week: the small little things that may or may not matter, but nonetheless colored and flavored our week:

— Our Elf on the Shelf came in the mail. Jordan named him Carlos. Amy still couldn’t believe he ordered one in the first place, let alone the fact that he named him “Carlos.”

—  Update: Carlos has made four appearances as of this writing. So far, Amy’s found him:

1. Sitting on her bathroom sink. With her makeup. Everywhere. To be clear, he didn’t put ON the makeup.

2. Laying in a pile of her clothes. Because he emptied an entire drawer. And looked pretty pleased with himself.

3. Basking in a mountain of coffee beans on the kitchen counter, a little spilled milk on the side. Carlos takes cream with his coffee, apparently. We’re learning more about him every day. This is all still so new. 

4. Cradling Baby Jesus. As a friend online pointed out earlier this week when we posted this photo of our cat, William Wallace, auditioning to be a stuffed Santa, Baby Jesus isn’t supposed to be in the manger until Christmas Day.

— To which we thought, Well, shouldn’t EVERYONE ELSE not be there either too, then?! Carlos (the elf) solved the first problem, at least, by removing Baby Jesus. So now Mary and Joseph just look crazy staring. At the empty manger. Problem Two clearly not yet solved.

— Speaking of mischievousness (which is a word. because spellcheck didn’t tell us otherwise), William Wallace the Cat has taken to grooming Santa’s beard every night before bed. Video to come in a future Friday Fun.

—  We went on a midweek dinner date to one of our favorite local Italian restaurants, sat outside under the stars on the patio on a really chilly night (under a heater) and had braised beef gnocchi (pronounced yaknow-key) with a lemon zest that made us wish we could be the lemon zest. Ya know (kee!), just so we could be even closer to the action.

— Mugs. Lots — and lots — of mugs. Between our matching everyday set, our peppermint-striped Christmas set, and the ones we’ve collected and received as gifts over the years, we might have enough to have the Internet over for coffee. The entire Internet. But we can’t help it. We love them! Why? Because it’s like getting to have coffee somewhere different every single morning without ever leaving our living room.

— We had a cold front in Phoenix this week. As in, we were the coldest city in the lower forty-eight. Which NEVER happens. So, we did what we do: heated up hot chocolate, put on our monogrammed robes from our friend, Matt Kennedy, and mozied out to the jacuzzi. Our frozen toes and burning water didn’t agree at first. But once in, it was our favorite moment of the week.

— Until, ya know (key!), someone else opened the gate and did what people do when other people are already in the jacuzzi: got in. and ruined everything. Why can’t we just have jacuzzis (and planes) to ourselves! We whispered awkwardly close to each other until he got out. Because it’s just weird talking to strangers who are half naked.

— Christmas came early! Kind of. Our sweet friends at two of our favorite venues in Arizona the world paid us a little Christmas visit. The ladies at El Chorro brought a box of their world-famous sticky buns and the girls at The Four Seasons delivered hot cocoa mix from Proof (where we take out-of-town guests for prickly pear iced tea!) to wash it down. It reminded us that loving the people you work with is pretty, well, sweet.

— It’s been so cold in here this week, and the cats are more cuddly than they’ve ever been, which will probably just reinforce our decision not turn the heater on this winter. We’ve been working on either end of our couch with a big blanket in between us, and they’ve been curled up right in between us while we work. Combine that with th scent of our gingerbread candle, our favorite Christmas music playing in the background and the perfect view of our tree, and we’re pretty much in “office” heaven.

— Jordan shared a car selfie that showed off his (slight) beard. We haven’t had to be anywhere for work since we spoke at the Rising Tide Summit ten days ago (which is some kind of record!!) so he let it grow… let it grow, let it grow! Amy likes the way it looks, but calls it “weaponized scruff.” Jordan likes to kiss Amy sometimes. Thus, he shaved it last night.

— If you read last week’s Friday Fun post carefully, then you already know what THIS photo is from. All we have to say is Christmas is only seven days away, and THIS is how we feel about it!

Four Seasons Scottsdale Desert Elopement_0052

 And there you have it! This week’s Friday Fun! Class dismissed. Have a great weekend, friends! Catch up on older — but equally awesome! — Friday Fun posts here:

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    Ok, this is my favorite series! I love you two even more now! Cracking up at these hilarious happenings! :)

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw! You're so sweet, Kendra! We love writing them because it's just such a true glimpse into life around here! Thanks for reading along with us :)


    So I'm finally getting to reading the Friday Fun post but it's Saturday -to busy. Thanks for making me laugh even though I'm by myself and thanks for being that little ray of sunshine that starts my day off right. Love A&J.

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!!! That comment - right there - made our ENTIRE day and is the reason we write! Thank YOU for being so sweet and loving. Hugs!

    Deborah Fox

    Such a fun Friday Fun guys! Love it and I hope Carlos isn't to mischievous!
    Merry Christmas to you both and I hope it's your most blessed and happiest ever. Cheers for a happy and very successful 2016! xoxo

    Amy & Jordan

    Haha! Thanks! Carlos has been QUITE the addition to our Christmas tradition around here! We're having fun with it :) Merry Christmas to you, too, friend!