Happy Monday, friends!

Last week, we did something (a little crazy some might say) that we’d never done before but, having done it once now, absolutely wouldn’t rule out doing it again: we shot an eleven-hour wedding… and then jumped on a red-eye to the East Coast to speak at a conference in Charleston, South Carolina. It was our first time in the Carolinas and the Palmetto State didn’t disappoint!

Our week started with Creative at Heart, a boutique conference for creative entrepreneurs looking to use their artistic gifts to grow successful businesses that provide for their families and make a positive impact on the world in the process. We spent two days with everyone from wedding planners and photographers, to calligraphers and florists. We shared our victories and defeats in  small groups, listened to some of the country’s best creative business minds during the day, and had fun at night — including a  massive pajama party! In a lot of ways (and a lot like real small business) it was an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows, laughs and tears, but, ultimately, the inspiration and kick in the pants we all needed to go home refueled, recharged and ready to make things happen.


On Monday afternoon, we spoke in-between two of the most well-respected wedding photographers and educators in the Mid-Atlantic and our dear friends, Natalie Franke and Katelyn James. We focused on a specific area of social media (how to mix personal and professional posts to build a brand) based on our own observations of Taylor Swift’s Instagram account and the fascinating exclusive interview she gave to GQ magazine last month.


It was lighter, funnier (we hope!), more nuts and bolts practical than our closing keynote at the United Conference in October, which was more emotional and inspirational, but (hopefully) very nitty gritty, nuts and bolts, practical, applicable information that’ll make an immediate impact for everyone who was there.


A special thanks to our friend Carol(ine) Logan for snapping these shots of us on stage and not taking any where we were blinking, making awkward faces, or looking totally ridiculous in general. Not sure how she does it 😉


On Tuesday and Wednesday, we rented a house and spent time with dear friends in historic Charleston. To be honest, we weren’t smitten with it from the start, but it grew on us, and by the end it was, by far, our favorite city in the South. The people were some of the kindest and most welcoming of any place we’ve ever been. And the food. Oh, the food! Every. Single. Meal. Was. Sublime! We tried to eat local, authentic, southern cuisine each and every time, opting for the award-winning and best-of items on each menu, including shrimp and grits for dinner one night, a friend green tomato crab cake Eggs Benedict on a biscuit (say that fast three times!) for breakfast one morning that just about blew Jordan’s mind, and pretty much anything with the words “maple,” “bacon,” or “praline.” Amy stayed away from seafood, but ate her weight in every other category, including mac ‘n’ cheese, one of Amy’s four major food groups. . We didn’t see any non-fried vegetables. We also didn’t look very hard. But we also didn’t mind. And we definitely dubbed it our favorite food city to date. Of anywhere we’ve been (save Italy). That’s saying a lot! Well done, Charleston!

We were definitely charmed by Charleston.

To help avoid food comas and counteract the copious calories we all consumed, we walked for hours and hours down cobblestone roads on Rainbow Row and through the Battery Park neighborhoods on the end of the peninsula stopping at every single historic home to admire it. We thought about Amy’s mom a lot while we were out and about. For an interior designer like her, it’s Disneyland. Another highlight was the carriage ride we took on our last afternoon. Jordan’s a history major (technically a historian!)
who — and this might not surprise you — ever since he was a little boy, has loved hearing stories… and telling them, too. Stories of all kinds. Funny ones. Lots of funny ones. But also serious and romantic ones. He relates best to the world through stories. So, naturally, listening to over 300 years worth of stories in an hour was right up his alley. The girls, more surprisingly, liked it, too, and said it was one of their favorite parts of the trip! That might be because they weren’t walking, but either way, the guys aren’t questioning it!

We  also got in front of the camera, as well as photographed our brilliant designer and her husband along the little side streets, and it was a blast. We’re excited to share those with you soon! We were definitely charmed by Charleston… and can’t wait to go back.

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Charleston_0027 Charleston_0021 Charleston_0022 Charleston_0023 Charleston_0024 Charleston_0028 Charleston_0026

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    Looks like an absolutely AMAZING trip- love all the friends together images!! :) But what I may have loved the most is the picture of you, in your evening gown, photographing your designer, with your comfy flats on!!! :) Perfect!

    Amy & Jordan

    Haha! That's one of our favorites, too, Jill! Gotta keep it classy :)


    We are headed to charleston Friday!! My favorite city!! What places did you guys eat at? Any recommendations?

    Amy & Jordan

    Yep! Make sure to go to Toast for breakfast, Magnolia's for lunch, and the Poogan's Porch or Prohibition for dinner ;)