Happy Monday, friends!

We’re in the cool mountains of northern Arizona taking a break from the Phoenix heat and doing a few engagement sessions (that we can’t wait to show you later this week!) but we wanted to share something with you this Monday that’s been on our hearts for a while, but we couldn’t put into words until now.

We spent a quiet, overcast morning walking on cobblestone streets, seeing door after door just like this one, and it reminded us that life’s best adventures are paved with uneven paths to uncertain destinations through doors that seem too locked too open, too narrow to pass through, and too scary to step to the other side. The truth is, those aren’t the doors we should be running from, they’re the ones we should be breaking down and bursting through, yet few of us do, because even though the door calls our name and beckons us forward, we listen to the fear that whispers that we can’t, shouldn’t, or worse, don’t belong on the other side.

But you do, friend. You belong there, too.

So, whatever handle you’ve had your hand on for so long you can’t even remember, take a deep breath, say a prayer, and be brave enough this week to open the door. It probably won’t be nearly as scary as you think it’ll be, but it could greater than anything you ever imagined.


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