Oh, where do we even begin with these two? At the beginning. That’s where. Truth be told, we’d never met Ashley or Scott before their romantic desert engagement session. Or talked on the phone. He’s a college football coach. She’s a nursing student. And, to top it all off, they’re in the middle of a cross-country move from Oregon to Orlando. In other words, they’re busy people. We like that, because we can relate! Fortunately, Scott had an afternoon off in-between a whirlwind of flights and meetings, and he was able to pop into Phoenix for an evening. Thankfully, the fabulous Stephanie Antoinette is planning their El Chorro wedding for this spring, so they’re in great hands.

We laughed to ourselves, though, when when we pulled up in the parking lot, because, as we rolled in, we rolled down the window and waved out the door, “Hey, guys! So nice to finally meet you!” To which Scott looked at Ashley and asked, “You’ve never met them?” We exchanged handshakes and hugs, paired outfits with earnings, and then got going. And, oh goodness, Internet. Two frames in, we were pretty sure they were going to break it. The Internet, that is. Because. They. Turned. It. On. For a guy running on limited hours of sleep for multiple days and a girl going back and forth between nursing patients and wedding planning, it’s like they did this. For a living. What struck us, too, beyond how perfectly they fit together, the way he held her and how she leaned into him, was the sweet, sincere kindness they showed us and everyone else around them, including passers-by who just wanted to stop and watch. Or in the case of multiple foreign tourists, stop… watch… and take pictures of their own! We don’t blame them — and these two couldn’t have been more gracious.

Scott and Ashley, thank you for flying in for this session. For enduring small crowds of over-enthusiastic tourists. And for trusting us wholeheartedly the entire time even though we’d never met in person. We can’t wait for your El Chorro wedding this spring with Stephanie. It’s going to be magical. In every possible way. And, hey, maybe we’ll get lucky and have some tourists show up. Until then, Go Knights!

And one more thing… Can we talk about this light?!

Papago Park Engagement_0042

Papago Park Engagement_0043

Papago Park Engagement_0039Papago Park Engagement_0030

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Papago Park Engagement_0029

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Hair & Makeup: Emily Hughes & Arielle Rondeau


    Carol Turner

    That lighting is amazing, but I would probably distinguish it as a GLOW! Ashley is stunning, but it is actually Scott who is glowing..... As a former Nebraska kid, he totally knows he out-kicked his coverage. That type of realization is enough to light up the whole South West, let alone Oregon or Florida.

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw! It's totally a glow and he's so happy!

    Laura coyne

    Where did you get your chiffon ivory skirt. We need one desperately!!! Please write back!

    Amy & Jordan

    I think she got it from Nordstrom!