You might remember Melissa and Braedon from their surprise proposal on a cliff in the woods this fall! If you don’t know what we’re talking about, don’t scroll to the bottom of this post. Yet. Stop everything you’re doing, prepare yourself for a serious case of goosebumps and catch up with all the cuteness right here!

Amy remembers Melissa loooong before she had a ring on her finger, because she’s one of Amy’s best friends in the world. They met in middle school, when they were only twelve years old, and now that they’ve spent more than half their lives together. Their mountain of memories could probably have their own set of Pink Slip Files. Their friendship started in middle school, in the days of matching overalls, passing notes in actual notebooks, and calling each other’s house phones before 9 p.m. on a school night. When the highlight of their life was getting tickets to the Destiny’s Child concert, and when glitter eyeshadow was everything. They spent their high school years together at makeover birthday parties, sleepovers and carpooling to cheer practice, and Melissa will never forget when Amy started talking to a cute boy named Jordan Demos, who she had a few classes with. By the time they got to college, they’d chosen the same major and Amy and Melissa ended up sitting desk-to-desk in every class. She was there when we got engaged, stood by our side on our wedding day, and has been a huge part of our life together ever since.

So, of course, we’ll never forget when Melissa first started talking about Braedon. We were newlyweds, and would often have Melissa over for a big bowl of ice cream to indulge in the little things and catch up on life. We heard about Braedon long before we ever met him, and even though she told us how great he was, we were so skeptical and protective because we just couldn’t believe there was any guy out there worthy of her heart.

Well, she finally brought him to one of our group game nights, and we fell. in. love. with. him. That night! Like immediately. He was smart. He was funny. He was kind. Charming. Witty. Handsome. He adored Melissa and treated her the way we always knew she deserved to be treated. Like a princess. He fit right into our game night crew as if he’d known us all for years, and ever since that first game night, we’ve been quietly (and later, not-so-quietly) rooting for Melissa Ladensack to become Melissa Thomson.

Well, friends, it’s really happening! After an epic proposal, it became official! Melissa and Braedon are getting married! Amy will be standing by Melissa’s side as one of her bridesmaids and we’ll be photographing it! One of three weddings this year where we’ll play dual roles. Which means Melissa’s officially an AJ Bride! Eek! This is WAY too fun for us! When we started dreaming up engagement location ideas, Melissa had such a clear vision for what she wanted in a location. Romantic. By the water. Lots of greenery. But anyone familiar with Phoenix knows that we definitely weren’t going to be able to find anything like that here in the desert, so we decided to make a mini-getaway out of it and head up north together! We’re so glad these two were up for an adventure. This one took a lot of exploring, some pretty intense climbing and a high tolerance to very cold water (you’ll see what we mean at the end!)

Melissa and Braedon, words can’t express how excited we are for you two. We love you so much and are counting down the days until you tie the knot! We have sooooo many favorites from this session, but here are a few to get you started!

Forest Engagement_0001

Forest Engagement_0002

Forest Engagement_0026

Forest Engagement_0027

Forest Engagement_0028

Forest Engagement_0029

Forest Engagement_0030

Forest Engagement_0031

Forest Engagement_0032

Forest Engagement_0033

Forest Engagement_0034

Forest Engagement_0035

Forest Engagement_0036

Forest Engagement_0037

Forest Engagement_0038

Forest Engagement_0039

Forest Engagement_0040

Forest Engagement_0041

Forest Engagement_0042

Forest Engagement_0043

Forest Engagement_0044

Forest Engagement_0045

Forest Engagement_0046

Forest Engagement_0047

Forest Engagement_0048

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Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50 1.2
Canon 70-200 2.8
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    So pretty :) Love all these shots!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw! Thanks, Sarah! That means so much :-)


    Lovely engagement photos in a beautiful spot, they look so happy!

    Amy & Jordan

    You're always so sweet, Judy! Thanks, friend!

    Lovely shots!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thanks SO much!