Ohhh, friends! Do we have a session to share with you today! While we were in California last weekend — for a wedding that we’re ALMOST allowed to share with you and might have a big, exciting announcement about soon – we met up with Michelle and Jonathan for their Los Angeles engagement session, and this couple and the California coast and light did not disappoint! Shooting in brand new locations can be nerve-racking and exhilarating all at the same time. Nerve-racking because we don’t know where anything is and exhilarating because who knows what we might find! In this case, we’d given Jonathan some ideas about what we hoped to accomplish, and then let him take the reigns, and he nailed it.

For the first outfit, we went to an outdoor shopping mall (of all places!) that had beautiful columns and brickwork, and a fountain and tree-lined path (in the middle of the parking lot!) that made us think we were on our anniversary trip to Europe again! And, as if things couldn’t get better, right across the street on the side of the road was a lush canyon with creamy, dreamy, golden light streaming through from the ocean. We could’ve done the entire session in that one spot and been thrilled, but Jonathan had one more spot he thought would be the prefect, romantic end to the session – and he was right.

But before we talk about that, can we all take a minute to appreciate their outfits?! Her pink lace dress from H&M was the perfect compliment to his navy sport coat and bow tie. It’s like they walked straight out of a catalog! Then, add in those salmon-colored pants that Jonathan wore in the second set, plus Michelle’s beach-perfect H&M maxi dress. Combine it with craggy cliffs, a warm, enveloping sunset, and we thought we’d died and gone to photographer heaven. It was such a stunning, not-so-subtle reminder of what happens when God’s big creation and two beautiful people in love collide into one breathtaking moment.

The best part for us, though? These two are as fun, kind, cool, and sweet as they are gorgeous. We think that’s the extra inner sparkle that shines through and truly makes them glamorous.

Michelle and Jonathan, we can’t wait for your wedding at the Four Seasons this fall! We had the best time with you two, and we are so excited to share some of our favorites with you today!

Los Angeles Engagement_0039

Los Angeles Engagement_0040

Los Angeles Engagement_0041

Los Angeles Engagement_0042

Los Angeles Engagement_0043

Los Angeles Engagement_0044

Los Angeles Engagement_0045

Los Angeles Engagement_0046

Los Angeles Engagement_0047

Los Angeles Engagement_0048

Los Angeles Engagement_0049

Los Angeles Engagement_0050

Los Angeles Engagement_0051

Los Angeles Engagement_0052

Los Angeles Engagement_0053

Los Angeles Engagement_0054

Los Angeles Engagement_0055

Los Angeles Engagement_0056

Los Angeles Engagement_0057

Los Angeles Engagement_0058

Los Angeles Engagement_0059

Los Angeles Engagement_0060

Los Angeles Engagement_0061

Los Angeles Engagement_0062

Los Angeles Engagement_0063

Los Angeles Engagement_0064

Los Angeles Engagement_0065

Los Angeles Engagement_0066

Los Angeles Engagement_0067

Los Angeles Engagement_0068

Los Angeles Engagement_0069

Los Angeles Engagement_0070

Los Angeles Engagement_0071

Los Angeles Engagement_0072

the GEAR USED for this session…

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50 1.2
Canon 70-200 2.8
Entire Gear List

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