The night sky was illuminated by nothing more than a few faint stars, the warmth of distant city lights, and the rectangular glow of a big, white screen. Popcorn popped. Candy crunched. Cars and trucks lined up like lemmings. Seats back and tailgates down. It was a classic date. A throwback. A drive-in movie. Jamie and Louis knew each other from their medical residency program, but they’d never dated before. To make things even cuter (and it can get cuter, believe it or not!), Jamie brought her new puppy with her. HER. NEW. PUPPY. We told you it could get cuter! And they’ve been inseparable ever since. All three of them!

There’s so much we love about Jamie and Louis, we don’t even know where to start! First of all, one of Jamie’s favorite movies is The Holiday, a staple at our house around Christmastime. There’s just something about watching Jude Law as a single dad playing games with his little daughters that melts our heart every. single. time. Now, we’re not doctors. Jordan thought he wanted to be a doctor for one semester in high school, but then he saw blood — and that was the end of that. HOWEVER, we do what we love together, and even though they don’t practice at the same location, these two practice the same type of medicine and have the same schedule so they can spend time together. As two people who vowed in high school to do everything we could to spend as much time together as possible, we approve!

The thing we love most, about these two lovebirds — other than Jamie’s fabulous dress choices from Rent the Runway and the fact that they’re working with one of our favorite local wedding planners, Whitney from Some Like It Classic at a venue with some of the most stunning views of Phoenix, The Sanctuary on Camelback — it’s this: they’re some of the kindest, sweetest, most fun people we’ve met. It’s no wonder that they’re family doctors. Who could not fall instantly in love with these two?

Jamie and Louis, from the moment we sat down with you for coffee, we had the same thought: These are our PEOPLE! It’s  couples like you and all of our #AJbrides that make what we do such a pleasure and a privilege. Thank you for all the laughs during our time in Sedona — and for running in heels up the hill so we could catch the golden light! We love these images because we think it shows the happiness that you bring to each other, and everyone you encounter in everyday life. We can’t wait for your wedding next spring!

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Hair: Demi Walsh | Theory Hair Design
Makeup: Michaela Ford | SALT Salon

Pink Dress: ML Monique Lhuillier
White Dress: Trina Turk

the GEAR USED for this session…

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50 1.2
Canon 70-200 2.8
Entire Gear List

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    Marcelle Calder

    Sedona never disappoints and neither do you two!! Hugs from St Louis!!

    Stunning! Just breathtaking all around!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you so much!!