There was just no better way to start our week than to find out Mai & PJ’s Grand Canyon engagement session is featured on Inspired by This today! This was one of our all-time favorite engagements, and this feature brings us right back to that day and is making us feel all the feelings!

When we first met up with Mai and PJ at the canyon, we instantly remembered why we’d fallen in love with them at the coffee shop so many nights ago. Their big, bright, infectious smiles and their huge hearts. We hugged and spent a few minutes catching up in the parking lot, and that’s when Mai pulled out her perfect tulle skirt and PJ showed us his black bowtie — and Amy had to catch her breath again! We were obsessed with their style! We spent the next few hours together, exploring our own little nooks and crannies in one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places on Earth with two people who would be appropriately described with the same adjectives. We talked on the shuttle rides from one stop to the next, got in trouble with a bus driver for asking a question he had already answered while we were talking away, and helped Mai over rocks and boulders in her brand new Louboutins, which was so worth it!

We laughed a lot, explained to more than a few tourists what exactly we were doing, avoided the park rangers gazes because of exactly what we were doing, and said to Mai and PJ on more than one occasion, “Nobody’s dying today! Does everyone understand?!” Those cliffs are no joke! It was also really cold, but they shivered through their whole session with big smiles, a trait we love about our AJ Brides: they’re hard core! “Whatever it takes for the shot!” they tell us. “We’re up for anything!” And boy, are we glad they were!

Mai and PJ, thank you for making Jordan’s first Grand Canyon experience, in a word, grand. We loved every minute with you and your happy smiles, and feel so proud of excited to share some highlights of our time with you to the world on Inspired by This today!

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