She was in Tennessee. He was in Indiana. She’d never seen him before and he’d never met her. One night, she posted on Instagram. He was in the app, too. It was a hashtag for a band they both loved. A small one. Small enough and with the right timing that when she added the pound sign and band’s name to the end of her caption, it popped up. On his screen. It was Twenty-First Century love. At first sight. Or hashtag, you might say.

Which led to a string of comments that would eventually turn into commitment, and a series of likes would ultimately turn into love.

He followed her on Instagram. Liked a few photos here and there. “Ones where she wouldn’t think I was creepy,” he later confessed. One day, he even commented. And she commented back. Which led to a string of comments that would eventually turn into commitment, and a series of likes would ultimately turn into love. Months later, she invited him to Nashville.

To Starbucks. For their first face-to-face meeting. So, he drove four hours one morning for a coffee meet-up that turned into an all-day date. Red cups in hand, they talked, talked, and talked some more — and in that moment they both had strong suspicions that this wasn’t Internet chance or happenstance: it was destiny, a divine appointment. It was love.

Alyssa and Spencer, you two fit together like two perfect pieces of a puzzle. When we get some time in the off-season (which might be never!), Spencer’s going to have to take Jordan to the gym and kick his butt into shape! Which might be never. Becasue instead of sweating for the wedding, we’re usually sweating at weddings! That doesn’t burn as nearly as many calories… and it’s only once a week! But do make sure to thank Chrystie for us for picking out that yellow bike. Christie, if you’re reading, THANK YOU! It was a lot of fun to photograph, just like you two.

Vintage Bike Engagement_0001 Vintage Bike Engagement_0002 Vintage Bike Engagement_0003 Vintage Bike Engagement_0004 Vintage Bike Engagement_0005

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    Gorgeous!! Their love is captured beautifully in these pictures. Love the Starbucks ones too!!

    Amy & Jordan

    We love the Starbucks idea, too! Mostly because we love Starbucks ;)

    Misty C.

    SERIOUSLY!!!! These two are adorable!! Gorgeous photos!!!! :D

    Amy & Jordan

    Are they the cutest?!?! SO in love and SO sweet!!

    Ashley E.

    Love this one!! Great use of a prop :)

    Amy & Jordan

    Thanks, Ashley!! It was such a cute idea by them :)

    Shane Webber

    Beautiful images and a beautiful couple!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thanks, Shane!!!