Happy Monday, friends! We hope you had an amazing Christmas, soaking in precious time with the people you love the most, just as we did. We don’t know about you, but we’re holding onto Christmas as long as we can, which means our tree is still up, the Christmas tunes are still streaming through the house and we’re still indulging in hot chocolate for just a few more days! We’ve been working from the couch, piled under all of our blankets, with the kitties curled up next to us and the lights twinkling on the tree, and we’ve decided it’s just too fun and cozy in here to start taking down the decorations!

As 2015 comes to a close, we’re embarking on some of our most favorite, most ambitious, and most popular blog posts of the year! The year-end highlights posts! These are such a labor of love because we’re sifting through somewhere around 75 unique wedding and engagement galleries from this year to compile these images and choose our favorites, which is always so tough (and also so fun!)

Every year around this time, as we reflect on the last twelve months, we just find ourselves feeling overwhelmed with feelings of thankfulness. When we look at every single one of these images and couples, and we’re so unbelievably grateful for each an every face. For each and every memory with these couples who have become so much more than clients. They’ve truly become friends. It was so fun getting them all together at our AJ Bride party just a few weeks ago!

We’re kicking off our week of highlights with our favorite engagement sessions of the year! This post is especially fun because it’s full of the best engagement session outfit inspiration all in one place! It can be so hard to know what to wear on an engagement sessions, so this is always one of our favorite posts to send our new brides to so they can get their ideas flowing for their own session!

We’re so excited to share them with you!


Engagement Outfit_0001 Engagement Outfit_0002 Engagement Outfit_0003 Engagement Outfit_0004 Engagement Outfit_0005 Engagement Outfit_0006 Engagement Outfit_0007 Engagement Outfit_0008 Engagement Outfit_0009 Engagement Outfit_0010 Engagement Outfit_0011 Engagement Outfit_0012 Engagement Sessions_0013 Engagement Sessions_0014 Engagement Sessions_0015 Engagement Sessions_0016 Engagement Sessions_0017 Engagement Sessions_0018 Engagement Sessions_0019 Engagement Sessions_0020 Engagement Sessions_0021 Engagement Sessions_0022 Engagement Sessions_0023 Engagement Sessions_0024 Engagement Sessions_0025 Engagement Sessions_0026 Engagement Sessions_0027 Engagement Sessions_0028 Engagement Sessions_0029 Engagement Sessions_0030 Engagement Sessions_0031 Engagement Sessions_0032 Engagement Sessions_0033 Engagement Sessions_0034 Engagement Sessions_0035 Engagement Sessions_0036 Engagement Sessions_0037 Engagement Sessions_0038 Engagement Sessions_0039 Engagement Sessions_0040 Engagement Sessions_0041 Engagement Sessions_0042 Engagement Sessions_0043 Engagement Sessions_0044 Engagement Sessions_0045 Engagement Sessions_0046 Engagement Sessions_0047 Engagement Sessions_0048 Engagement Sessions_0049 Engagement Sessions_0050 Engagement Sessions_0051 Engagement Sessions_0052 Engagement Sessions_0053 Engagement Sessions_0054 Engagement Sessions_0055 Engagement Sessions_0056 Engagement Sessions_0057 Engagement Sessions_0058 Engagement Sessions_0059

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    ohhhhhhh These are AMAZINGGGG!!! You two are incredible!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thans, friend! Hugs to you and Michael!

    Ashley Durham

    Love love love these!!!! What an amazing year for engagement photos!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you, Ashley! We feel so blessed by this year!

    Jamie Frost

    Each image stirs such emotion. I'm in absolute awe of you guys and your work. Bravo.

    Amy & Jordan

    Wow! That's SUCH a sweet compliment. We're honored. Thank you so much!


    I love all the year end posts the most! So MUCH PRETTY!! You guys have the best engagements! Such beautiful locations, couples and outfits!

    Amy & Jordan

    Candi! THANK YOU! You're always such a sweet encourager! Hugs!


    Wow! I can't get enough of these gorgeous photos! The consistency in your photos is breathtaking. Can't wait to see what you capture in 2016 :) Continued success and Blessings!

    Amy & Jordan

    Oh, Lina, thank you so much! Consistency is one of the biggest compliments we can get :) Wishing you the best in 2016!!