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Does the business side of photography ever overwhelm you? If it does, trust us, you’re not alone! We’ve been in business for about four years and there are still things that we’re learning every day! And we still remember — all too well — what it felt like when we first got going. Just when we thought we had everything under control, someone would ask, You’ve got a separate bank account for your business, right? or another person would say, You’ve got your LLC set up, I’m sure, because everyone has one of those. “Oh, sure!” we’d respond, “Of course!” And then we’d go straight home and Google this: Do I have to have a separate bank account for my photography business. Followed by this: What’s an LLC? Then, we’d cry. Okay, that might be an exaggeration. But we’ve definitely had those moments! Because there was just so much to learn at the beginning and so little time, and right when we got manual exposure down and off-camera flash handled, we had to learn business, too?! If that’s you too, we. get. it. We vowed never to forget it, either. The uncertainty. The slight bit of fear that we were in over our heads. Or that the government was going to shut us down because we weren’t doing something right that we didn’t even know we were supposed to be doing. The running-in-the-dark feeling we had that first year those first few years.

We’ll never forget it, and, really, we never want to forget that feeling, for two reasons:

1. We still feel it! Because in small business, there are always struggles, constantly new things to learn. They’re just different now than they were five years ago, but they’re still there. So, no matter where you are in your business, take a deep breath with us, because if you’re reading this post expecting that once all of your current business problems are solved then you’ll have “made it,’ then you’re in the wrong place, because the best businesses are always solving problems because they’re always setting their sights on new horizons. And with growth comes pain. Just ask any teenager. We’re going through that again, right now! It’s just a different set of problems to solve! But working through that is worth it, and if you expect it, you’ll relish in it. In fact, you’ll know how fast your business is growing by the number of problems you’re solving! The more problems we have the opportunity to work through, the more we grow. We’ve been learning how to be thankful for our problems, as strange as that may sound, because they actually mean we’re doing something right!

2. We never want to forget how far we’ve come, and the lessons we’ve learned, because even though our problems to solve are different now than they were four years ago, our approach is the same: be happy warriors. It’s easy, very easy, to fall into the trap of looking at other people’s lives or businesses and think, If I just had their problems, I wouldn’t have problems at all. We do it all the time, don’t we? We minimize or maximize other people’s problems or do the same with our own. We look at a successful person and assume they don’t have problems (who hasn’t at least once wished they were Taylor Swift?!) or we look at a poor person and assume all they’ve got are problems. In reality, we’ve all got problems. They’re just different ones. Separate challenges. And it’s important that we don’t let our highs get too high or our lows get too low. It’s imperative that we don’t assume our problems are the biggest in the world or brush them off like they don’t matter. It’s is especially critical that we don’t ever believe the lie that we’re alone in this.

We never want to forget how far we’ve come, and the lessons we’ve learned

Because, at the time, figuring out our LLC or learning to track mileage was straight up overwhelming for us. It was as much as we could handle then. Now, it’s not, because we’ve been doing this a while, but other things that we couldn’t have handled then — couldn’t have even thought about then — have taken the place of the LLC formation and mileage logs, and, to be honest, we still feel that same overwhelmed feeling.
But by not ever getting too far away from that feeling, we’ve been able to keep perspective that God only gives us what He knows we can handle. So whether you’re feeling stressed about the ins-and-outs of business basics or something bigger than that, we’re with you one hundred percent, because we felt that way, we feel that way, and we always will. Us small business owners? We’re a breed of our own! And there’s something so comforting and uniting about that!

So… with that in mind, we’re going to start a new series, where from time to time, we will answer the questions that we get about the business side of our business. We get questions about this stuff all the time, so we’ll be starting with the questions that are already in our inbox, but if you have something specific you’d love to see answered on the blog, let us know! And if you’re someone who’s feeling stuck and scared about business stuff, remember that you are not alone. And that these problems you’re facing in your business are a GOOD thing! You’re growing. You’re pushing. And you’re on a beautiful journey. We’re excited to be a part of it with you, and hopefully help you solve some of those problems along the way!

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p.s. Want the rest of the lessons in this series? They’re right here!

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    What a fantastic series, y'all!! I'm so excited to read along as you post & continue my learning more about the biz side of things. You two rock!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Hi Lorin! Sorry it took us a bit to get back to you! We miss things every once in a while! Thank you so much for the sweet words. We're so glad it's helping you and we can't wait to share more :)

    Marvin Blue

    Thanks for your honesty. I am also learning new things and get a few more gray hairs from time to time when I come across something new that I should be doing or not doing. I find solace in the fact that no matter the amount of success you are at in this industry you still are learning and being honest with us in your growth.

    Amy & Jordan

    Hi Marvin! TOTALLY! You hit the nail on the head, friend. The tough thing about our industry and that we're all watching each other all the time, so we're constantly feeling behind and thinking we should be doing EVERYTHING that everyone else is doing. In truth, we can all just do the best we can every single day, as hard as that is sometimes. We wish we could tell you those insecure feelings go away, with time but they just get worse! Hang in there, friend. You're DEFINITELY not alone :)