We’re not typically people at a loss for words (evidence: this blog), but we started at a blinking cursor on a white screen longer than normal while preparing this post. Why? It’s simple, really. Summarizing how two people you didn’t know less than one year ago became two you couldn’t imagining living without in a few hundred words is, well, no simpler than the challenge we gave ourselves, either. You see, this spring, we emailed Jen, one of the most talented, sought after, and hottest (figuratively, literally, metaphorically, and in every other way) brand specialists in America. We told her we wanted something special — maybe that, in certain respects, had never been done before — a career-defining brand that paid homage to where we’d been, put up a bright, bold (and blush) flag post marking where we are now, and, all at the same time, lay a foundation and cast a vision for the future. For our future.

Jen gave us more than a new brand.
She opened a door we couldn’t have opened ourselves.

Not exactly the job most designers are tasked with. Not at all. But Jen, she’s not ordinary. Not by a stretch or a long shot. Not even a little. Not even at all. She’s extraordinary. In every sense of the word. And then some. How do we know? Well, a project like this was like being in the trenches. Less dirty and dangerous than real trenches, of course, but trenchy enough (is that even a word?) to get close and comfortable. Fast. Like A Tale of Two Cities, we sawthe best of each other, we saw

the worst of each other. All thanks to the power of FaceTime. Usually early in the morning. Or late at night. Depending on which coast and which end of the call you’re on. And let us tell you, where our worst is like something out of The Blair Witch Project, hers is like getting a West Elm couch delivered when you ordered from Restoration Hardware. But in those trenchy trenches (we’re just going with that word, maybe Merriam-Webster will add it), you make friends for life.

And that’s what happened here.

Because Jen gave us more than a new brand — and a pin-up-calendar-worthy piece of man candy to photograph in Charleston, who Jordan did Shakira hips for behind the camera to get him to smile because he doesn’t love taking pictures — she opened a door we couldn’t have opened ourselves: the one that leads to the next chapter in our story. And, Jen, for that, we’ll be forever grateful. For the homemade street tacos and handmade margaritas, too. Those are a close second. And that’s not a knock on your designing. You’re just that good in the kitchen. And, to leave it on a serious note (don’t worry, we won’t stay on that note for long) we hope you and Aaron love your anniversary session in historic Charleston as much as we do, and feel like it tells a little part of your story the way you’ve helped us tell part of ours. We love you both. #nespresso. #turksandcaicos. That is all. Note quite. #allthethings. Now that’s all.

Charleston Engagement Photo_0025Charleston Engagement Photo_0001 Charleston Engagement Photo_0002 Charleston Engagement Photo_0003 Charleston Engagement Photo_0004 Charleston Engagement Photo_0005 Charleston Engagement Photo_0006 Charleston Engagement Photo_0007 Charleston Engagement Photo_0008 Charleston Engagement Photo_0009 Charleston Engagement Photo_0010
Charleston Engagement Photo_0011 Charleston Engagement Photo_0012 Charleston Engagement Photo_0013 Charleston Engagement Photo_0014 Charleston Engagement Photo_0015 Charleston Engagement Photo_0016 Charleston Engagement Photo_0017 Charleston Engagement Photo_0018 Charleston Engagement Photo_0019 Charleston Engagement Photo_0020 Charleston Engagement Photo_0021 Charleston Engagement Photo_0022

Charleston Engagement Photo_0024 Charleston Engagement Photo_0023


    Lauren Swann

    Jen, you look incredible!!! Y'all killed it, A&J!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw! Thanks, Lauren! Hugs!


    Um, where was my text (or 5am facetime) warning me THAT was coming?! Geez louise. I just happen to hop over to the blog and stumble onto what will now hopefully be read at my funeral, which is weird, maybe?

    But the photos almost mean more than the intro, and that's really saying something. You guys were able to capture us at our best, because you see the best in people, and you clearly love to make that shine. Thank you for such an incredible gift to us... and heck, to our grandkids and their grandkids. ;) Love you both! #turksandcaicos

    Amy & Jordan

    Love you guys tons and tons!