This week marks Liz and Jon’s first wedding anniversary! Liz and Jon are such a special couple, and it was so fun to see this wedding get featured on Glamour and Grace last year! Last year?! Man, time flies! To celebrate and relive the magic, today we’re sharing their full wedding blog post, our favorite image from their wedding day, their favorite, too, and an explanation of why we love these photos so much!

From Amy & Jordan…
We love this image because we love it when couples get lost in moments like this one. Even throughout the hustle, bustle, and busyness of their wedding day, Liz and Jon never lost sight of what was important: each other. We love the way Jon is whispering into her ear, and the smile on Liz’s face. Liz looks like a total model in this photo. She’s so stunning. At the same time, though, she looks so safe and content in Jon’s arms. She’s peaceful. She’s happy. It’s this beautiful blend of editorial and ethereal, because it feels like we’re right there with them even though they’re completely enveloped in each other and off in a world of their own.

Liz and Jon_0003

From Liz & Jon…
The reason we chose this picture is because planning a wedding is so stressful and comes with so many emotions. The days, hours, and minutes leading up to the wedding are full of appointments and deadlines, and sometimes you forget why you’re there in the first place. This picture shows us seeing each other for the first time on our wedding day and remembering why we were there. It shows the love we share and the excitement of knowing that we were about to become husband and wife. We have so many beautiful pictures from the day but this one shows the raw emotion of this special moment when we took a step away from the craziness to just be together. After all, a wedding isn’t just about the pretty flowers and stylish bridesmaid dresses, it’s about celebrating the love that you share, and we are so happy that we have these moments captured from our special day!

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Love it, you guys! Happy anniversary!

To see Liz and Jon’s entire wedding blog post, click here.


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