We’ll never — ever — forget the first time we met Kim and Bill, because us and them, we just clicked. Right away. She was so, so, so joyful and happy. Her smile was contagious, infectious, not something you forget. He was supportive, relaxed, and easy-going. We had so much fun at coffee that morning that we booked on the spot and even took a selfie together! It was awesome! We loved hearing about their love story and had the best time on their engagement session, because even though we were in the middle of the desert, the blooming purple buds on a tree we found made us feel like we were somewhere else altogether! It was magical! We loved every minute with them and couldn’t wait for their wedding day, which finally happened this weekend!

Kim’s color palette for her wedding included lots of yellow, which reflected the brightness she brought to the day. She was all smiles all the time, from beginning to end, just as joyful as the time we first met her over coffee. We smiled right alongside her from beginning to end, laughed a lot along the way, and were reminded why we have the very best job in the whole world, because we get to serve the very best brides. Kim and Bill, we love you both tons and tons! Here are some of our favorite highlights from your wedding day!

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Catering: Sassi
Ceremony Location: Sassi
Dessert: Let Them Eat Cake
DJ: DJ James
Floral Design: Lux Wedding Florist
Hair Stylist: Scottsdale Dry Bar
Makeup Artist: Arielle Rondeu
Photographers: Amy & Jordan
Reception Location: Sassi

the GEAR USED for this WEDDING…

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50 1.2
Canon 70-200 2.8
Canon 100 2.8
Canon 24-70 2.8
Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT
Entire Gear List

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