It almost feels surreal writing this post! Jen (who we will always call Jenny) has been best friends with Amy for almost 13 years, since our freshman year in high school. She’s been around longer than Jordan! Whether it was slumber parties or Friday night football games, school dances or first dates, late-night study sessions or bonding over the latest Britney Spears CD, Jenny was there for it all. She was there at the start of our relationship, and after we all graduated high school, Amy and Jenny headed off to college together, spent their freshman year in the same dorm building, and the next three years as roommates. They lived together for so long that they were really more like sisters. So, for the better part of our relationship (heck! for most of our relationship!) she’s been there through it all, and in turn, we’ve been there for her milestone moments, too.

We still remember the first time she brought James to the girls’ (very old and slightly unsafe) college apartment for the first time. We were watching TV or a movie (we can’t remember at this point, but it’s safe to assume it was Gilmore Girls marathon), when Jenny and James walked in together. James was calm and confident, yet humble, qualities we saw in him right away that night and still love about him today. And, we started rooting for him right away. Jenny and James quickly became our double-date buddies, and we spent the rest of our college years seeing a whole lot of each other. When we got engaged, Jenny was the  first person Amy called, and it wasn’t long before she was standing up next to us as the maid of honor at our wedding.

After college, Jenny and James set out on a new adventure to the East Coast, leaving the warm comforts of the state we all call home (Arizona) for graduate school (James) and an exciting new career in journalism (Jen). It was so hard to say goodbye to some of our best friends whom we’d spent so much time with for years — we were all (and still are) like family — and even though we knew we’d miss them like crazy, we encouraged them to go and chase their dreams — together.

So, when we got the call last fall that James had proposed, we squealed like little girls! We’d been waiting for that call for such a long time. Jenny always jokes that we knew that they would get married long before they even knew. Jenny and James decided to get married in Sedona, which is just a few hours north of Phoenix. We loved the idea, but when we looked at the calendar and realized the wedding date was the same week we were supposed to be counselors at our church’s summer camp in the pines, we had to take a deep breath, because we knew that after a blistering week of outdoor activities, sleeplessness nights, and little kiddos, we’d be total zombies. Jen knew that and sweetly asked if we’d be willing to “just take a few pictures of the ceremony and maybe a few of me and James.”

“Nope! Not gonna happen!” we told her on the phone. “You were the MAID OF HONOR at our wedding! We’re shooting your entire wedding day and doing it right. End. Of. Story!” That’s how this whole thing happened, really. And, despite the logistical challenges of driving straight from summer camp to the rehearsal dinner, and the next day being a bridesmaid and shooting the wedding at the same time without any extra shooters (more on that later this week), it was so worth it and we wouldn’t’ve had it any other way. Jenny’s only condition was that we didn’t photograph the reception, so that we could be present during all of the milestone moments at her reception and actually enjoy the party. We battled back and forth about this one for a while, but ultimately, we gave in. We spent the evening dancing the night away with her, and it was so much fun!

Jenny and James, we’ve loved you together from the first time we saw it with our eyes, which is why it meant so much to us that you could see yourselves through our lenses… and our whole hearts. Here’s a little sneak peek of your wedding day from the perspective of two people who couldn’t possibly love either of you more…

Poco Diablo Sedona Wedding Photographers_0001

Poco Diablo Sedona Wedding Photographers_0002

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Poco Diablo Sedona Wedding Photographers_0002


Bride’s Dress: Schaffer’s of Scottsdale
Bride’s Shoes: Jenny Packham
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Alfred Angelo
Catering: Poco Diablo Resort
Ceremony/Reception Location: Poco Diablo Resort
Dessert: Sedona Sweet Arts
DJ: AZ Music Man
Floral Design: Mountain High Flowers
Getting Ready Location: Poco Diablo Resort
Hair Stylist: Chyna Wu
Makeup Artist: Chyna Wu
Officiant: Michelle Paz Soldan
Photographers: Amy & Jordan

the GEAR USED for this WEDDING…

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50 1.2
Canon 70-200 2.8
Canon 100 2.8
Canon 24-70 2.8
Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT
Entire Gear List

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