We’ll never forget. Standing there. Looking at him. Him looking back at us. He’d never given us serious advice before. At least not about life. He prefers to keep to himself. He likes to sit back, think, and observe. If you want Amy’s dad to offer his opinion, you have to ask for it. But this time was different. He sought us out. He made it a point to communicate his one, solitary piece of advice before we got married:

Eat as much ice cream as you can until you’re 25. You can probably even push it to 30. After that, it’ll start to add up. 

That was it. And, of all the suggestions we’ve ever received in the world, we’ve taken that one the most seriously. Maybe too seriously. If you’ve been following our blog or connect with Amy or Jordan on Instagram since our last grocery store run, then you know we’ve got a thing for ice cream — especially Blue Bell cookies ‘n’ cream! Our affection for Blue Bell is so well known among our family, friends, and clients, that we’ve actually stopped checking the grocery store ads for the best price, because we get tagged every week on Facebook with a picture of Blue Bell ice cream on sale! Talk about teamwork!

So, when one of our amazing brides, Allie, dropped this amazingly cute and thoughtful “thank you” gift off on our front porch, we were understandably very excited! A handmade ice cream sundae kit, complete with cones, toppings and the most delicious salted cameral sauce we’ve ever tasted! What?! How amazing is that?!

This week, as we’ve reflected on the past year, we’ve come to the conclusion that life really is good. From our incredible brides to our obsessive ice cream addiction, there aren’t two things much sweeter in the whole wide world.

Ice Cream Sundae Kit_0001

Ice Cream Sundae Kit_0002

Ice Cream Sundae Kit_0003

Ice Cream Sundae Kit_0004

Ice Cream Sundae Kit_0005


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