Happy Monday, friends! We’re back home and settling in from a whirlwind of travel and even though we’re getting a really late start on this post, we just had to share a few photos of our adventures in Richmond, Virginia! Amidst all our our crazy travel plans, we were really looking forward to stopping in Richmond because we have very sweet friends there who we love with all of our heart, and even though our time with them was way too short, we soaked up every second of it and couldn’t have enjoyed this trip more. We were completely spoiled by the best tour crew in town (pictured below from right to left): Annamarie, Katelyn, Michael, Jill, Bud (and Bokeh!) And when we say we were spoiled, we mean spoiled.

After watching Katelyn rock out an amazing talk for photographers in D.C., Katelyn and Michael sweetly surprised us with two of our favorite treats, Blue Bell ice cream and chocolate-covered cherries (that you can only get in Seattle!) and even introduced us to our new favorite late-night sandwich experience: WaWas. They packed the next day full of so many breathtaking sights, that we’re pretty sure they planned our itinerary based solely around the places in Virginia that would convince us to move there.  And we can’t say it didn’t cross our minds! To say we are in love with Virginia would be the understatement of the century. The crew took us to the beautiful Big Spring Farm where the air is so fresh and the scenery is so pretty that you feel like you’re in a laundry detergent commercial, and then we headed to Pippin Hill Farm, which looks the way wedding venues look in our dreams (So needless to say, if there are any Virginia brides out there who want to fly a certain husband and wife team from the desert to photograph their Virginia wedding, we are SO in!) We even convinced one of the most incredible anniversary photographers in the world, Annamarie, to grab a few quick photos of us there (even though the sun was high and the light wasn’t ideal) and we love the memories she captured for us. We squeezed all of that in before our talk to Richmond Showiteers, who, again, made us wish we could be honorary residents of Richmond.

But even with all the incredible things we saw and did while we were in Virginia, the thing we will treasure most about this trip was the precious time we got with our sweet friends. The long car rides, the good conversations, the time we spent with people who just “get” us. We know that even though we don’t get to see each other as much as we like, we are beyond blessed by their friendship and will cherish this trip always.

A & J in Virginia_0001

A & J in Virginia_0002

A & J in Virginia_0003

A & J in Virginia_0004

A & J in Virginia_0005

A & J in Virginia_0006

A & J in Virginia_0007


A & J in Virginia_0009

A & J in Virginia_0008


A & J in Virginia_0010

A & J in Virginia_0011

A & J in Virginia_0012

A & J in Virginia_0013

A & J in Virginia_0014

A & J in Virginia_0015

A & J in Virginia_0016

A & J in Virginia_0017

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    Awhh I love you guys!! I want those pics of us!