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This weekend, we were invited to be guests on Complete Wedding Radio, a soon-to-be-syndicated local radio station in our hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, to talk about life, marriage, and all things wedding. We’ve done live webcasts before and even spoken to live audiences, but this was our first time on the radio. We were nervous at first, but we didn’t break out into sweats and hives until we found out that 100,000 people would be listening! Yikes! That’s like talking to the entire Rose Bowl! It was BY FAR our biggest audience ever. Thankfully, though, the hosts made us feel right at home and the first segment got off to a comfortable start.

(As soon as the rebroadcast is available, we’ll be posting it here, so if you’re interested in listening, check back in the next few days!)

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Jonathan is the anchor host and a wedding DJ in the Phoenix-area, and he’s also got a killer radio voice. It’s like listening to a combination of Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, and the Wizard of OZ pre-curtain drop. We’re going to encourage him to record books on tape or do movie voiceovers when he retires from weddings.

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The hosts kicked off the opening segment with some fitness tips for brides and some of the hottest trends in weddings. Jonathan even did some in-studio squats to prove that brides can multi-task to lose weight while doing just about anything, including hosting a radio show! We just sat there because it looked like too much work. 

Complete Wedding Radio_0004

In the next segment, we discussed seven common marriage myths and gave some advice to future newlyweds from our experience as a married couple. After (almost) five years of marriage, we’ve done some things right and gotten some things wrong, but our best advice is this: you’ll have ups and downs in marriage, but there are few things that can’t be fixed with an ice cream cone.

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In the middle part of the show, we shared our story of going from high school sweethearts to elementary school teachers in next-door classrooms to full-time wedding and portrait photographers. Jonathan almost lost it when he found out that our classrooms were next door, but he did some more squats and calmed down.

Complete Wedding Radio_0006

We also offered some tips for future brides on what to look for in a wedding photographer, dispelled some common misconceptions about our profession, and relived one of our funniest wedding reception moments: half-naked fraternity brothers dancing to Miley Cyrus’s Party in the U.S.A. Oh, the things we see but can never reveal…

Complete Wedding Radio_0007

Maureen (left) is Jonathan’s co-host and an awesome local wedding and event planner in Phoenix.

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We had a lot of fun and we’d do it again in a heartbeat! After all, we got to spend the morning talking about marriage and photography, two things that we’re crazy passionate about, so if just one thing we said helped just one person, then it was completely worth it.

Complete Wedding Radio_0009

Jonathan and Maureen, thanks again for letting us crash your radio station and good luck this season!

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