Dear Amy & Jordan,

You arrived in Paris a few days ago and it’s already your last night. How time flies when you’re having… the time of your life. At some point in your marriage, somewhere down the road, you might lose your spark, you might lose your way, you might forget what it’s like to get lost in a foreign city, lose yourselves in each other, yet find everything you’ve ever wanted right where you are. You might forget. So, we wrote you this letter so that, if you do, you’ll read this and remember how you feel right now, how you’ve felt these past few days, and find your stride again.

We wrote this so that you’d never forget Paris.

We wrote this so that you’d never forget Paris

You strolled through the city’s central park, Champ de Mars, on your first night in town. Amy, your arm didn’t leave Jordan’s all night. You found a quaint side street called Rue Cler and met a nice older American couple who’d been coming to Paris for years. They took your picture and reminded you to be careful. To be safe. They were looking after you, probably because they saw a little bit of themselves in you. You certainly saw a lot of yourselves (and your future) in them. You picked up groceries and made a picnic
under the Eiffel Tower: cheese, wine, fruit, and, of course, a baguette. And how good was that wine? We won’t ever let you forget that. Ever since you ate your first authentic French baguette, you couldn’t stop joking about them all week. Maurice! The baguettes! Hurry up! You laid on your backs in the grass, just like you did on your first date ten years ago. And you laughed. Like you haven’t in a long time. Because, for the first time in a long time, just like then, you didn’t have a care in the world… except each other.

If you haven’t yet, we’d love to have you join us on our trip in real time on Instagram! Our handles are @amy_demos and @jordan_demos.

The next two days were a blur. You rode an open top bus around Paris that took you to the tourist sights. You took a selfie with Mona Lisa – and in case you’ve forgotten, a selfie is when you take a picture of yourselves with your camera phone. Amy danced on the steps of Cathedral Notre Dame with the creepiest clown in the world. Instead of saving you, Jordan photographed it, and then paid 1 Euro to get you back. He would’ve paid more. He would’ve given all he had. You went to Lover’s Bridge and fastened your hot pink sparkly lock to the gate. Amy insisted that it be hot, pink, and sparkly. She was right. It brought brightness to the other dull locks on the cold metal bridge, just like she brings light to your life together.

You journeyed to Versailles Palace but had tickets for the wrong day. You were worried that you wouldn’t get in, but the quintessential French woman at the information desk, who you thought hated you, pulled some strings and jumped you to the front of the line. She was a lot nicer than she let on. You also met some college-aged Texans who took your picture for you. You recognized their accent, especially when you heard their y’alls. You perked up in Paris every time you heard an American accent and followed it up with, Where are you guys from?! You didn’t realize how comforting voices could be until ones like your own were the exception and not the rule. Speaking of voices, remember when Jordan made all the workers at the Versailles garden gate laugh, because of his terrible French accent? For as extroverted and embarrassing as he can be, Amy, he sure makes life a whole lot of fun.

Yes, you saw the tourist sights, but that wasn’t your favorite part. Not by a long shot. The lines were long. Most buildings didn’t have air conditioning. And bathrooms were few and far between. The group thing wasn’t for you. And while we’re at it, the water glasses in Paris should be bigger!

Your favorite parts were sitting in street cafes, sipping lattes, and eating crepes. Remember those Nutella ones at that place off Boulevard Grenelle? And the crème brûlée and éclairs from that small bakery, too? You didn’t love pastries before Paris, but that’s because you’d never had French ones. You two ate your weight in sweets, that’s for sure, but that’s not a surprise, because you always do. And no matter how old you are now, we hope you still do.

even though you might never come back to France, you can still always have Paris

You loved going on long walks even though Amy got blisters from her new shoes. That just forced Jordan to slow down, take a deep breath, get out of the fast lane for a while; and, at the pace you two have been running the last year, that’s not a bad thing at all. You sang songs as you walked the streets. French ones, of course, like the opening to Beauty and the Beast and every one from Les Miserables. Both just seemed so appropriate, even
if you were out of tune and Jordan made up most of the words. You loved photographing each other all over town, sometimes with the sights, most of the time without, because for you, Paris isn’t as special or beautiful as you are to each other. And, every morning on the way there and every evening on the way home, Amy fell asleep on the buses and trains, Jordan, on your shoulder, in the spot she says God made just for her.

So, if things ever get tough, you two, or the next time you’re having a hard day, read this letter from us, from yourselves to you, and remember how you felt in these moments, the cream of life, because even though you might never come back to France, you can still always have Paris.

With Love,

Amy & Jordan
























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For those who’ve asked, we been photographing our trip with the Canon 5D Mark III camera and Canon 50mm 1.2 L-Series lens. In hindsight, a wider lens would’ve been helpful! The European streets are tight, the buildings are tall, and the tourists are plentiful! If you need gear recommendations, you can view what’s in our bag by clicking here.


    Maria Bayer

    Possibly the most sweetest, thoughtful gift. Ever. Cherish every moment - you've found what some people search for their entire lives. Many blessings and wonderful memories ahead to you both!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw! Maria! Thank you SO much, friend. This means THE WORLD to us. We thank God every day for giving us to each other so young :-)

    Julie Wilmes

    LOVE! Seriously, y'all's trip has been incredible to watch unfold, it looks like y'all are having the best time! :)

    And you're right, us Texans do say "y'all" a shame!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw! Thanks, Julie! The ONLY problem with Europe is that they didn't have Blue Bell :-) Ha ha! We LOVED hearing the Texans say "y'all" because it reminded us of HOME :-)


    Such beautiful memories & photos of your trip! Parisian cafes & picnics are the best :) I'm trying to convince my hubby that he would love it there, too!