It’s Christmas Eve morning! Already. How did that happen?! The speed at which this year has flown by has us left in total awe. Maybe you feel that way too.

This morning, we’ve got hot tea on the stove and our favorite Christmas Cookie candle is flickering to the sound of the Christmas music we have streaming through every nook and cranny of our little home. We’re up to our ears in wrapping paper and bows. Presents that need to be wrapped. A potentially life-threatening Costco run that still needs to be made. Things to do. People to see. Hustle, bustle, and rush. That’s definitely been the story of our 2014: a constant game of go-go-go. And you know what? We thrive on that. We thrive on the hustle. We love filling our days, working as hard as we can, spending time with the faces we love and running this business we’ve been so blessed with. But this Christmas, for the next two days, we’re slowing down. We’re taking a break from the hustle. Not just long enough to catch our breath, but long enough to look up. To look around. To settle in. To see what’s right in front of us instead of focusing on what’s down the road. To sit with our sweet, sick grandma. To play board games with our little brother. To be present in a sea of presents. To remember that sometimes doing nothing is doing the most important thing we can to do. And to say thank you — really say thank you — for the people that our hearts are overwhelmed with gratefulness for. Our family. Our friends. And you, our friends who make this little piece of the internet part of your home too. We are so, so, thankful for you.

This Christmas, we are celebrating the best gift we’ve ever received. We’re overwhelmed by our God, who’s so crazy about you and me that he sent us His one and only son, so that whenever we feel weary, we can still rejoice because we are loved and saved by the grace of the one who gave us the ultimate gift. Merry Christmas, friends! May your days be so very merry and bright.

Christmas Card 2014_0090

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