We love this digital age we’re living in. It’s so fun for us to get to be a part of people’s everyday lives through mediums like Facebook and Instagram. We love being able to Skype with photographers and friends all over the country with just the click of a button, and we love being able to deliver professional digital images to our clients quickly and securely through beautiful online galleries. Digital files are the fastest, easiest way for our clients to share their images with the people they love most, and we wouldn’t trade living in this digital world for any other time period. Period. Because while every once in a while we romanticize about living in the Roaring 20’s or the 1950’s, we look around and realize life has never been better than it is right now.

With that being said, nothing makes our hearts happier than when we see our clients take those digital images and DO something with them! Order a custom album, hang a wall canvas, print gifts for their families or do anything else to incorporate their precious memories into something tangible. Something they can walk by every day and remember exactly how they felt at that very moment. Something that preserves that raw, unfiltered, joyous, emotional state and is a constant reminder of the blessings in their lives. Which is why we were practically drooling over what we’re about to show you!

We love this digital age we’re living in

A few months back, we had the honor of traveling to Nashville and taking the first official family photos of Zach & Jody with their precious son, Jaxon, and even though we were extremely nervous because these two are such incredible photographers and educators in their own right and have been such an influence on us and our business,
we ended up loving every minute we got with these three in front of our cameras. They’re just absolutely adorable together, and we still melt a little every time we look at one of Jaxon’s big, sweet, gummy smiles. So when they told us they were going to order some massive canvases for the walls of their brand new beautiful home, we couldn’t wait to see the final product!

This is our personal favorite from our shoot with them, and we were so happy to see it ended up being theirs, too! We wanted to give them something that really captured the warmth and joy that these three have, and we just love the idea that Jaxon will be able to grow up looking at this photo and have a constant reminder of how much joy he brings to his parents and how much love is wrapped up in this cute party of three.

View More: http://amyandjordan.pass.us/zach-jody-and-jax

The rest of the images in this post were taken by Zach & Jody, with both their iPhone and their professional camera. We’re hoping to take some ourselves one day, but mostly just because it would be a really good excuse to go back to Nashville and see them again!

When we got this picture from Jody after the canvas they ordered was delivered, we almost fell out of our chairs! She’s such a cute little tiny thing to begin with, but this shot really gives you some perspective of just how massive these prints really are. Love it so much!

Zach Jody and Jax_0002

As they unwrapped the canvases, Little Jax put his stamp of approval on Supersize Jax.

Zach Jody and Jax_0003

And ta-da! The final product hanging up in all it’s glory! This room has so much gorgeous natural light pouring into it and we just love how the color pops in the cool neutral tones of the space.

Zach Jody and Jax_0004

Here’s the sweet fam posing with their larger than life canvases!

Zach Jody and Jax_0005

And this shot may be our favorite one of all!

Zach Jody and Jax_0006

After they finished their front room, they decided they wanted another grouping of photos that guests will see as soon as they walk upstairs. On their blog, Jody talked about the thought process behind choosing and placing images, and we loved that they wanted their relationship as husband and wife to be the center focal point of this grouping. This was definitely our other big time favorite from the session. So much joy!

View More: http://amyandjordan.pass.us/zach-jody-and-jax

They also chose two photos of them as a family, as well as a photo of each parent individually with Jaxon. How cute are they?!

View More: http://amyandjordan.pass.us/zach-jody-and-jax

View More: http://amyandjordan.pass.us/zach-jody-and-jax

View More: http://amyandjordan.pass.us/zach-jody-and-jax

And here’s the final product hanging in their home! Love it!

Zach and Jody_0005

Zach and Jody_0006

You can read more about Zach & Jody’s decorating process, as well as find out all the specifics for ordering canvases like these ones on their blog by clicking here!


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    How did you guys choose a printer? Any advice or suggestions would be great....I can't seem to find the perfect one!

    Amy & Jordan

    Hi Ally! We do all of our printing through White House Custom Colour and have always been SO happy with the quality! But I know these canvases for Zach and Jody were printed through Bay Photo Lab and look great, too! Hope that helps!