Like every newlywed couple in our twenties, we decided pretty quickly we weren’t ready for babies just yet, but that we’d find just the right time for fur babies. About six months ago, a friend posted a photo on Facebook of three adorable kittens living in her back yard in the heat of the Arizona summer. We looked at it, sighed and nodded to each other like the strip had just turned pink. We didn’t say anything, but it was all in our eyes: This is it. The timing is right. We’re gonna be PET PARENTS! So, we made the decision to adopt two of them and give the third to Amy’s parents and little brother, who had been looking for a fur baby of their own. When we arrived to pick up our brand new kittens, the poor little guys were panting in the backyard as they layer under the hot August sun. We scooped them up and marveled at the fact that they fit in the palm of our hand. We couldn’t wait to introduce them to the luxury that is air conditioning and the life that is ours.

man's best (feline) friend

At first, even though he thought they were cute, Jordan wasn’t too sure about having cats since he’d never had one before. Jordan was under the impression that all cats do is hide under couches, hiss at strangers and claw up the furniture. Since we didn’t have the space for dogs, he maintained, “I want cats that act more like dogs… I want cat-dogs!” Having cats before and knowing the difference between felines and canines, Amy just laughed him off, because, like children, she knew that sometimes cats’ personalities were just the luck of the draw. Yet, sure enough, within days of welcoming our kittens, William Wallace and Mr. Carson (see their cute baby photos below), Jordan was hooked, because his dream came true. He got himself a cat-dog in a cute face splashed with character: William Wallace.

man's best (feline) friend

William Wallace was attached to his dad at the hip. Where Jordan went, William followed. He trotted right behind Jordan no matter where he went. He slept on Jordan’s desk while he worked. He climbed under the sink to help him fix the garbage disposal, as if to say, Dad! I’m here, Dad! I’m ready to help, Dad! What do you need, Dad?! And, at night, as soon as Jordan settled into bed, he had a little black fur ball right at his side.

we’re pretty convinced we have our own little version of man’s best friend

But, there was one place Jordan went every afternoon that little bitty William couldn’t go: to the mailbox. Every time Jordan grabbed the mail key and walked toward the door, William’s over-sized kitten paws raced behind his heels, and when the door slammed in little William’s face, he’d let out a blood curdling wail as if his buddy was never coming back — and then he’d stand by the door, waiting for Jordan’s return, meowing and meowing and meowing. And, every afternoon, within minutes, Jordan would walk back inside with a stack of mail in his arms, and William would let out a happy meow
 like his world had just been put back together. This month, we’re celebrating our six-month anniversary since adding two new four-legged friends to our family. William has grown into his oversized paws, and also grown into his love-hate relationship with the front door. While he still trots around with Jordan, he doesn’t wail the way he used to because he’s learned that Jordan always comes home. The love and loyalty bottled up in his tiny body makes us smile on a daily basis. And while he can’t catch a frisbee or shake paws on command, we’re pretty convinced we have our own little version of man’s best friend.

man's best (feline) friend

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