We had our first set of dishes and a new set of responsibilities. We were newlyweds. Husband and wife. We’d spent the first half of the summer planning a wedding, getting married, and honeymooning in Hawaii, and the second half recovering, recharging, and redecorating the first place we’d call home. We had  our whole life in front of us. The nest was almost built.

All that was left was to hang the final piece of the puzzle, a dark wooden rectangle that framed a blank piece of cork. A bulletin board. Our vision board. The place where our goals and dreams would meet everyday life. Concert tickets. Party invitations. And pictures of people we loved. Things that would come and go mixed with something that wouldn’t. The first thing we put up. The best thing we put up. The thing that, no matter what surrounded it, would always be there: a picture of Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher, at the time, the world’s longest married couple.

Breaking Records

Photo Credit: DL Anderson & Melissa Jill

They’d been together for 86 years. Married in 1924. He worked for a nickel a day during The Depression and built their home by hand. She stayed at home and raised five children. They were best friends until the end, spending their evenings in rocking chairs on their front porch, watching trains pass by and talking about life. Through the ups and downs of this world, they endured longer than almost any other couple in the history of the world. In the history of the world. 

They were best friends until the end

We wanted something for our bulletin board, our vision board, that we’d never take down, that’d never change. Something that was constant. Something to strive for. Something to aspire to. That no matter what went up or came down, no matter what the details of a season of our life looked like, no matter the trials or changes we faced, would serve as a reminder of what mattered most: each other. Because if we could fast-forward to where our story ended, we’d know how to get there.
So, we took those cold metal nails, one at a time, touched the sharp tips to the wall, hammered the heads, and started building our future — together. With that bulletin board hanging in our office, we held up a newspaper article of our inspiration, all 86 years of it, sitting in two rocking chairs, holding hands, and pinned it to the center of the board, so that no matter what swirled around in our life, we’d never forget the goal, lose sight of the finish line, or think for a second that records weren’t meant to be broken…

Breaking Records

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    I want to see a pic of the bulletin board!

    Amy & Jordan

    It's not much right now! #officeunderconstruction


    You two are too adorable and sweet! I'd heard of you both before from Katelyn James' blog, but somehow followed a rabbit trail back here and literally spent most of today reading your love story and pink slip files (I actually had to search for this post b/c the link in the list above goes to the next post!).

    Not only is your work gorgeous, but there is very obviously a genuine warmth and passion in you both, and because of that you definitely have a new follower in me! :)

    Amy & Jordan

    Wow! Thank you! We love having you along for the ride!