In college, Amy had three high school girlfriends that she spent almost every waking hour with in the elementary education program. They shared notes and sat together in every class. They saw each other on those running-late-hair up-sweat-pants-no-makeup kind of early mornings. They made late night phone calls and did projects together on the weekends. They were are still are best friends. When we got married a month after college graduation, everyone moved on with the new adventures in their lives, too. First jobs. New homes. Adult stuff, you know? But the girls were determined not to let life interrupt their years and years of friendship. So, they made a pact. We’d all get together at least once per quarter at someone’s house for a potluck, game night, or any other excuse to catch up on life… in person. Not through text message. Not over the phone. Not via Facebook or Instagram — even though all of those things do help us all stay connected. Our friends are such a blessing in our life, and a gift we will always cherish.

Earlier this year, we all decided to have dinner out at our favorite local pizza place for our quarterly get-together. That’s when Erin and Aaron announced something that had us all squealing and smiling and celebrating until our cheeks hurt. They were expecting! A baby! After we got over the shock, we could hardly contain our excitement. They were the first couple to announce the most “grown up” step of all! They’re going to be parents! Since their baby boy is coming this December, we all decided to rent a cabin a few hours north of Phoenix in the pines of Flagstaff, Arizona. A retreat of sorts. A babymoon. One final hurrah! before the eight of us become eight plus a little one. So, we found the one weekend we had off this fall and blocked it off for our best friends — and we’re so glad we did. We spent two days talking, eating, playing games, watching football, taking walks, cuddling on the couch in the cold, cozy weather, and reconnecting without the distractions of everyday life. It was refreshing for the soul. For ours, especially. There’s nothing quite like growing up with people you know you’ll grow old with. It’s a blessing — a rare one in life — and something that, despite our seemingly never ending calendar and lists of to-do’s and responsibilities, we’re going to hold onto and never let go of.

Of course, while we were in such beautiful scenery, we planned to take their last set of photos before the two become three. Erin (or “Girl Erin” as we call her) looked radiant. Absolutely stunning and beautiful in every way. All weekend, Jordan referred to her as “perfect pregnant.” Whatever that means, it made her smile and laugh every time. That’s what we love about her so much (and it’s while she’ll make the best mom). She’s always — always — smiling and making life better for everyone around her by who she is. Aaron (or “Boy Aaron”) is incredible, too. It’s easy to see why Girl Erin picked him despite the name confusion. He’s kind, humble, and down-to-earth. In a world with so few (it seems), he’s just a good, good man. A committed, devoted, loyal husband. An always-there-for-you-no-matter-what friend. And soon to be a dad among dads. The funniest part of getting these two in front of the camera is the inevitable confusion when we’re directing posing. Since their names sound exactly the same, “Erin look right to me,” has a whole new meaning! Hence, “Boy Aaron” and “Girl Erin” were born!

In spite of the 30 MPH winds, sideways rain, and clouds that rolled in and out every few seconds making us feel like someone was flicking a light switch on and off over and over again, we loved every second of our time with these two, and couldn’t be more excited to welcome their little boy into the world next month. The best part about this little session is that it was also part of a much bigger plan that we’ll get to late this week! Erin and Aaron’s “maternity shoot” helped us set up one of the sweetest proposals for two of our other best friends (Melissa and Braedon). We already shared a little sneak peek on each of our Instagrams (@amy_demos and @jordan_demos), and we can’t wait to share all about that later this week!

For now, though, here are a few highlights of our time with 2 1/2 of our favorite people! Happy Monday, friends!

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