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We fell in love in high school. When there was nothing more important than the homecoming dance. When a driver’s license was a commodity. When passing notes was an art form. We were young little pups ready to take on the world.

Today, we are a husband and wife photography team based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are passionate about marriage and blessed to do what we love together. If you would like to know more, visit our website using the link above.

Liz & Jon

A Rustic Shenandoah Mill Wedding | Gilbert, AZ

Antiques are valuable because they’re rare and they stand the test of time. From lace and vases, to chairs and suitcases, Liz and Jon’s antique wedding décor reached from the past into the present, and reminded everyone what’s so beautiful about elegance and so admirable about endurance.

Liz and Jon are high school sweethearts. Like her brother and sister-in-law. Like her parents. Like us. They’re sweet together. He’s playful. She’s passionate. They’re a perfect pair. During his toast, Liz’s dad reminded Liz and Jon that their families have hundreds of years of marriage on their side, thousands of moments cheering them on, millions of memories encouraging them forward.

As the night ended, Liz and Jon exited the reception surrounded by bursts and flickers of sparkling light (those moments and memories cheering them on, perhaps). They closed one chapter of their lives – the one that started with braces and bleachers – and opened the next page, the one where their moments become personal history and their memories become family legacy.

Liz and Jon, thank you for giving us the pleasure of capturing the beginning of the rest of your life together. Marriage is a blessing. Savor it. Cherish it. And, remember, just like antiques, love isn’t valuable because it’s always newly discovered. It’s valuable because it’s recovered, dusted off, polished, and constantly made new.

Main gear used for this event: Canon 5D Mark III | Canon 50 1.2  |  Canon 70-200 2.8  |  Canon 24-70 2.8  |  Canon 100 2.8  | Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT

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