Last weekend, we did something that we always rarely do: we unplugged, unwound, and relaxed.

We turned our cellphones off, put our sunscreen on, and spent most of the afternoon at the lake, floating in the middle of nowhere, and doing nothing except listening to country music blasting from the boat, soaking up the warm sun, and taking in some good conversation with new friends.

It was perfect. It was exactly what we needed.

If you’re anything like us, you work hard. Long hours. Late nights. Extra weekends. Have you taken time lately just to reboot? To refocus?

Author Timothy Ferriss says that instead of waiting until the end of our lives to take a break and do things we’ve always wanted to do, we should take “mini-retirements” here and there.

If you haven’t taken one of these lately, do it this weekend, even if it’s just for a few hours, because sometimes the only way to recharge is to unplug…

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