We love stories. Every couple has one. One of our favorite parts about being wedding photographers is meeting with newly engaged couples for the first time and hearing theirs. The newness of it. The freshness of it. The excitement of it. We can’t get enough of it! But, at the end, our couples always ask, “What about you?” So, we decided to share our story, too. From the high school bleachers to the end of the aisle, here’s our story from “I noticed you” to “I do.”

Part 1: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
Part 2: You + Me = Us
Part 3: Friday Night Lights
Part 4: The Little Black Dress
Part 5: The First Kiss
Part 6: The First “I Love You”
Part 7: Senior Prom
Part 8: Graduation Night
Part 9: Saying Goodbye
Part 10: College Days
Part 11: She Said Yes!
Part 12: Our Wedding Day

Amy wanted to go to the homecoming dance with Jordan, but he didn’t ask her, and from the moment he saw her that night on the dance floor, he regretted it with each step of the music and every beat of his heart. He didn’t want to make the same mistake ever again, so he found her at an afterparty and made amends. They were inseparable from that night forward.

His heart pounded so hard he thought it would burst out of his chest. Her heart pounded so loud she thought he could hear it.

The next week, Amy and Jordan went on their first official date: dinner for Jordan’s 18th birthday. After dinner, they window-shopped in an outdoor promenade. Hand in hand. Then arm in arm. They giggled without a care in the world and didn’t mind who saw them. When it was time to go home, Jordan piggybacked Amy to the car and drove the short drive to her house. As her house came into sight, he slowed down. He didn’t want the night to end, and neither did she. He pulled into the driveway, hesitated, and turned the key slowly and sadly. The engine shut off. It was quiet. He reached his hand to the cold, metal door and pushed it open with regret. She sat still, waiting for him to appear on the other side. He walked around the front of the car and brushed the hood with his hand.
He could still feel the engine’s warmth. When he reached for her door, his heart started to race. Hers raced, too. His hand shook as he gripped the handle and opened the passenger door. She stepped out, one foot after the other, stood up, and faced him. Inches apart, the cool November air cut through the space between them and compelled him to hold her. He hugged her longer than normal and she held on, not wanting to let him go. He breathed out the chilly air. She pinched her eyes shut. Then, they both stepped back. He extended his arms and rubbed her shoulders. “Well, I guess this is good night,” he uttered through chattering teeth. “I guess it is,” she replied with a disappointed smile. He missed another moment. She couldn’t believe it.

She turned around and walked up the driveway to her front door. She only got a few steps away when his heart voice cried out, “Wait! I forgot to give you something…” She stopped. Time stopped. She turned, and waited. The porch cast a shadow across her face and the night cast a shadow over his, but the streetlights provided a spotlight halfway between that beckoned them both to step into the moment. He moved toward her, and she toward him. His hands trembled from the cold as much as his nerves as he removed his signature backwards baseball cap. Her body tightened. His heart pounded so hard he thought it would burst out of his chest. Her heart pounded so loud she thought he could hear it. He was right in front of her. She was right in front of him. It was the moment they’d both waited for, but had evaded them for so long. He lifted one hand to her cheek. He lifted the other and set his hat on her head. He looked into her eyes. She looked back. His lips quivered, and so did hers. “I forgot to give you this,” he said. He pulled her in, and kissed her for the first time.

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    Bob Richards

    Thoughts of love & romance relived. "Children of my children will be a crown to those of us who have aged." Blessings!

    Awwww. So sweet.


    reading it all, lovely story!