We love stories. Every couple has one. One of our favorite parts about being wedding photographers is meeting with newly engaged couples for the first time and hearing theirs. The newness of it. The freshness of it. The excitement of it. We can’t get enough of it! But, at the end, our couples always ask, “What about you?” So, we decided to share our story, too. From the high school bleachers to the end of the aisle, here’s our story from “I noticed you” to “I do.”

Part 1: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
Part 2: You + Me = Us
Part 3: Friday Night Lights
Part 4: The Little Black Dress
Part 5: The First Kiss
Part 6: The First “I Love You”
Part 7: Senior Prom
Part 8: Graduation Night
Part 9: Saying Goodbye
Part 10: College Days
Part 11: She Said Yes!
Part 12: Our Wedding Day

After all that, Jordan did not ask Amy to the homecoming dance. She was surprised and disappointed to say the least (and got back at him by voting for someone else for Homecoming King). All the signs he had given her and all the time had been trending her way, their way, and yet he didn’t ask her to be his date. She was pretty crushed, but decided she wasn’t going to let that ruin her final homecoming dance. She’d make the most of it and go with a group of great friends. When her closest friends heard the news, they were equally as shocked, and convinced her the best strategy was to show up and make him wish he’d asked her. And that’s exactly what happened when she wore that little black dress.

To him, she was perfect.

On the night of the dance, the concrete courtyard of Horizon High School flashed with multi-colored spotlights and banged with hard-hitting beats. The scene was overwhelmed with high heels, clip-on ties, and dirty dancing. No Humpty Dumpty dancing, the principal used to warn. The “popular kids” were at the epicenter of it all, dancing the night away without a care in the world. It was an adolescent version of a Gatsby soiree, and everyone loved it, because the night belonged to them.

Jordan walked toward the dance floor and looked out into the crowd. Hips were shaking, arms were flailing, and braces lips were locking. He stopped, looked up, and saw Amy. She was dancing with her friends (probably to R. Kelly’s “Ignition”). She was joyful and carefree. She moved with light, graceful feet and an open, expressive heart. Her happiness was contagious. It radiated out from her and infected him. How could it not? To him, she was perfect.

As he looked out at her, she felt so close, but seemed so far away, almost untouchable. She was having the time of her life… without him. Through the crowd of people, and just for a moment, her eyes caught his. The spotlights lit her blonde hair. The music seemed silent.  Time stopped for both of them. Jordan, like Marius, was “struck for a moment in breathless delight.” There’s no other way to explain it. And, as the world around them went out of focus, two things became powerfully clear: he had made a mistake, and he loved her.

Before he could blink, her friends whisked her away in her little black dress, the one he’ll never forget. Like a flash, she was gone. All along she wanted him, and she thought he wanted her, too. Now, she wasn’t sure what he wanted, but he knew that he needed her.

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This photo was taken a few months later, when Jordan took Amy on a “fancy date,” where the little black dress made a second appearance.

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    Romantic suspense and drama! Reminds me of Downton Abby...