We love stories. Every couple has one. One of our favorite parts about being wedding photographers is meeting with newly engaged couples for the first time and hearing theirs. The newness of it. The freshness of it. The excitement of it. We can’t get enough of it! But, at the end, our couples always ask, “What about you?” So, we decided to share our story, too. From the high school bleachers to the end of the aisle, here’s our story from “I noticed you” to “I do.”

Part 1: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
Part 2: You + Me = Us
Part 3: Friday Night Lights
Part 4: The Little Black Dress
Part 5: The First Kiss
Part 6: The First “I Love You”
Part 7: Senior Prom
Part 8: Graduation Night
Part 9: Saying Goodbye
Part 10: College Days
Part 11: She Said Yes!
Part 12: Our Wedding Day

The playful notes during calculus class turned into passing glances and flirting touches in the halls, and really any excuse to see each other. Jordan jogged across the school just to walk Amy to class, sprinting back to beat the bell so he wouldn’t be late. There were more late-night study sessions in dance clothes and soccer sweats, and Jordan took detours in the car on the way home just to steal a few more minutes with Amy. He even bought brownies from the store once and passed them off as homemade just so he could bring them to her. They couldn’t get enough of each other. Like a drug, they were hooked, and Friday nights were the biggest high of the week.

Under the bright lights of those Friday nights, they cheered for their team, but secretly hoped for each other.

Amy was a cheerleader. “I was in pom!” she still protests. (But she was a cheerleader.) Her blonde hair was pulled back into a green-bowed ponytail. The letters HHS were written in glistening gold across her white knitted uniform. Flecks of glitter danced across her cheeks, fading in and out with the glimmer of the lights. Her pom poms shimmered under the Friday night lights. But, for Jordan, none of it matched the sparkle of Amy’s smile and the twinkle of her eyes. She was beautiful, and he had his eyes on her. Jordan was a rowdy hooligan in the front row of

the student support section: The Dawg Pound. He spent Fridays painting Husky paws onto support signs and rallying students to attend the games. At game time, his face was painted green and gold, his voice was hoarse from heckling the other team, and his temper was tired from grandpas shouting, “Sit down! We can’t see!” In a tragic fashion choice, he wore a preppy visor sometimes, too, which confused Amy’s friends the first time they saw him. “The one in the visor?! That’s Jordan?!” He was silly and fun, and she had her eyes on him.

Amy loved Jordan’s enthusiasm and passion. He loved her shine. They exchanged looks during the games and shared conversations between quarters. Under the bright lights of those Friday nights, they cheered for their team, but secretly hoped for each other.

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