We love stories. Every couple has one. One of our favorite parts about being wedding photographers is meeting with newly engaged couples for the first time and hearing theirs. The newness of it. The freshness of it. The excitement of it. We can’t get enough of it! But, at the end, our couples always ask, “What about you?” So, we decided to share our story, too. From the high school bleachers to the end of the aisle, here’s our story from “I noticed you” to “I do.”

Part 1: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
Part 2: You + Me = Us
Part 3: Friday Night Lights
Part 4: The Little Black Dress
Part 5: The First Kiss
Part 6: The First “I Love You”
Part 7: Senior Prom
Part 8: Graduation Night
Part 9: Saying Goodbye
Part 10: College Days
Part 11: She Said Yes!
Part 12: Our Wedding Day

He pulled the first white sock to his kneecap. Then the other. He laced up his black cleat, fastening them tightly around his feet. He stood up, tucked in his neatly pressed jersey, and headed for the field. The stadium lights caught the mist rising from the sharp blades of grass. Jordan marched to the center circle, the middle of the battlefield. He reached out his hand politely, firmly. The coin poised itself on the tips of the referees fingers, like a diver waiting on a plank. “Heads,” Jordan said. The small silver flipped into the air above their heads – and time froze. Ignoring the flying quarter, Jordan looked over his shoulder, into the distance, and took a picture of the moment. His teammates, his comrades, the ones he’d fought with on the field for four years, huddled together, waited for the verdict, and looked back at him, as if to say, We’re behind you, captain. The quarter started its descent, diving fast and crashing to a resting place on the damp grass below. “Heads!” the referred barked. Yes! Jordan thought. He pumped his fist and sprinted back to his teammates. It was game time. Go time. Battle time. He was two people wrapped into one: a little boy playing a game that he loved with his friends and a warrior taking on the world – and Amy watched it all from the stands.

It felt like they’d pressed play on the all the fun parts of their relationship again

When the shouting, sweating, and scoring ended, Amy walked down to the field. Jordan was cut, bruised, muddy, and on an adrenaline, endorphin, and testosterone high. He was all boy. Tough. Chest puffed out. An athlete. A man’s man. Until she greeted him with a “good game” hug. Until he held her hand. Until they walked home together. The popcorn started popping, they grabbed their favorite blue blanket,
cuddled up on the couch, powered on the old squared tube, and got lost in their biggest guilty pleasure of those college years, Jordan’s favorite post-game cool down, the secret that most people NEVER knew about him, their favorite TV show that turned Jordan from a man’s man to a teen drama fan faster than you can drive through a one-stoplight town: Gilmore Girls.

Amy conned Jordan into watching “just one episode” of Gilmore Girls with her, and that was all it took. He was hooked. It was witty, it was fast-paced and it was so comfortable. The show gave them that good, warm, old-fashioned feeling every time they pressed play, which is exactly how they felt when Jordan moved back home after spending his first semester of college away. It felt like they’d pressed play on the all the fun parts of their relationship again, the best parts, and since a proposal was coming their junior year, the timing couldn’t have been better…

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