Ten. Thousand. Dollars. That’s about how much it cost for Jordan to start his first semester of law school. We were newlyweds, and we had committed to making it work on Amy’s small salary as Jordan worked his way through law school. We had also committed to tithing (giving the first ten percent of what we make back to God) through our incredible church, CCV. Our budget was tighter than tight. We had coupons for our coupons.

Everything changed when Jordan started feeling a tug on his heart that law was not his calling. He couldn’t see himself living the life of an attorney for the rest of our lives, and so, after a lot of prayer, we knew withdrawing was the right thing to do. The only problem? Ten. Thousand. Dollars. We paid in full, up front, and we were weeks past the two week refund period. We were living on practically nothing, and that money was a big chunk of our savings. Check that, it was our savings.

Jordan went to the administrative offices and asked for a prorated refund application form. They smirked at his naive request and sent him to another building. That building laughed at him. There is no refund application form, they chuckled, you’re past the two week period. There were no forms, no appeals, no way we were getting that money back. Jordan finally asked one of the front desk assistants for a piece of blank paper. She looked puzzled, but gave it to him anyway.

On that piece of paper, he wrote his heart out. He told them about how we were newlyweds, how that money was all we had, how our coupons had coupons, and that while they have no obligation whatsoever to prorate any part of what we paid, we would be so grateful for anything they could do. A thousand dollars. A hundred dollars, even. Anything. He signed his name, and asked the girl at the front desk to hand that piece of paper to the most important person she knew in her office. And that was that. We accepted that God was in control, and that we were learning a very expensive lesson. He had different plans in mind for us, and it was time to trust, follow Him, and release control.

A few weeks later, Jordan walked to the mailbox, and saw a letter with the university logo on the envelope. He silently fist-pumped because we were expecting a check from the school’s parking department. They routinely prorate parking passes, and we had a whopping two hundred bucks coming to us. Groceries for the month. He opened the envelope, and there, before his eyes… wait for it… a check for, you guessed it, Ten. Thousand. Dollars. The school didn’t owe us a single penny, and yet, there it was, a full, unadulterated refund check.

If that isn’t God working directly into your life, we don’t know what is. We have been so blessed in so many ways, and are so thankful for the opportunities to share those blessings with the people around us. Next month, our church, CCV, is opening a brand new campus in Scottsdale, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Our church has challenged our faith and strengthened our relationship with God and with each other, and now, we’re opening another campus to serve the city we live in. This week, they invited the community to a floor signing before they carpet the floors of the new building. We had the opportunity to use the floors as a way to write down our hopes for the church and cover it with our favorite bible verses and prayers. As we turned the corner, we caught this moment between a father and his sweet daughter, and for just a moment, we saw a perfect representation of God’s love for each and every one of us.

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    Thais Glenn

    I've been following your work for a while, I have your editing course and I'm learning photography with you too!! But your faith in God inspired me even more!! Thank you so much for sharing this post!! ☺????

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!! You're so sweet, Thais! God is so good and He is so faithful! <3