Caelen and I headed to Peoria for her senior portraits. We both found ourselves cracking up every time I’d tell her to give me “A Conquer the World” face. I’ve never before said that on a shoot. Where did I even come up with that? What does that even mean? Neither of us knew. All I know is it got her to laugh. And she has such a great laugh.

After graduating from Horizon High School in May, Caelen’s flying the nest to pursue a degree in journalism from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. She’s graduating with honors after breezing through her AP classes, co-editing the yearbook, working her poms on the competitive spiritline, leading FCA at Horizon and serving as a youth leader at her church. Wow. Maybe my zany catchphrase wasn’t so off. It seems to me, this girl really is ready to conquer the world.


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    Alton Anzaldo

    Awesome post! I just bookmarked it.