Shoes. I love shoes. I love the look of shoes. I love shooting the fabulous shoes of my clients. I love the personality that shines through people’s shoes. I’m especially a sucker for a client with a pair of sassy heels. It may sound weird, but I think shoes tell a great story on camera. I might even go as far to say shoes are my favorite non-living subject to shoot.

And then comes the hate. Shoes and I have a dysfunctional relationship. Who’s idea was it to make sassy heels bitterly painful and embarrassingly difficult to walk in?? For me, anyway. I was a dancer for the majority of my life, so you would assume with all that hardcore ballet training, I would have picked up some balance and coordination along the way. I spent half my adolescence in pointe shoes for goodness sake! And yet, put a pair of four inch heels in front of me, and I might as well have spent my teen years as a football player…or a really intimidating wrestler. I envy all my magnificent clients who float around in heels like Victoria Secret runway superstars. But I spend five minutes in heels, and I whine, then complain, then start fantasizing about a night in the jacuzzi followed by a foot massage. Hence, this love/hate dysfunctional relationship with me and shoes. So in the meantime, I will continue to salivate over (and capture) everyone else’s healthy, loving relationship with shoes.

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